Compare acronis true image 2021 packages: standard


Locate True Image in your downloads folder, double-click the icon, and follow the steps in the installation wizard. After the installation completes, start True Image và enter your serial number/product key.

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You’re all set! Now kiểm tra out the helpful resources below to lớn get yourself #CyberFit.

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Backing up the entire machine is the most complete way to lớn protect all of your personal data, safeguard your applications, preserve your preferences, và ensure you can restore your system if something happens

Start True ImageOn the sidebar, click BackupThen click Add backup at the bottom of the backup listClick Backup source icon, then select Entire PCClick Select destination then choose a destination for the backup. (Note: True Image Advanced or Premium subscription to lớn be able to lớn back up to Cloud)Click Back up now

For details on scheduling backups, setting clean-up rules, encryption and password protections, or other options, refer to this Knowledge Base article


A oto is great but difficult to use without a key. Similarly, having a system backup is good but you need boot rescue media in order to restore the image when your PC crashes or you’re recovering lớn a machine without an operating system. Here’s a quick guide lớn creating boot media.

Insert a CD/DVD or plug in a USB drive (USB flash drive or an HDD/SSD external drive).Start True Image.On the sidebar, click Tools, & then click Rescue truyền thông media Builder.On the first step, select Simple.Select the device lớn use lớn create the bootable media.Click Proceed.

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For details on using Advanced media creation, additional options, or how to download a bootable ISO image from your Account, refer lớn this Knowledge Base article.


Cyber protection delivers the nguồn of integration, which combines data protection and cybersecurity capabilities in one solution – from one interface. Here’s how to manage the integrated antimalware defenses so your system is safe from viruses, ransomware, & illicit cryptomining

Open True Image and navigate khổng lồ Protection tabA message will pop up requesting you khổng lồ wait until Protection is activated. Wait time depends on your connection strengthGo to lớn SettingsSelect Active Protection tab. Real-time Protection is ON by default. It secures your devise from all malwareSelect Antivirus tab. Configure actions related lớn malware detection, scan type, schedule, và others. Keeping the default settings is recommended.Select Advanced. Kiểm tra detected issues, delete or restore files kept in quarantine or set up protection exclusionsIf you need to, you can temporarily stop all protection types with Protection Pause.

For details on running an on-demand antivirus scan, taking action with quarantined files, exclusions, etc., refer lớn this Knowledge Base article.