Bandicut 3


Fastest Lossless video Cutter và Joiner

Bandicut is super fast video-cutting and joining software with an easy-to-use interface.It allows users to lớn trim parts of a video clip quickly while maintaining the unique of the original video.Users can also extract audio from video clip to MP3, join multiple video clip files, remove one or more parts from the video, or split the đoạn phim into multiple files.

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Join multiple videos

If you want lớn join multiple videos or merge more than 2 video clip files

Video Joiner

Fast clip Cutter and Easy video Joiner

With Bandicut, anyone can easily cut certain parts or merge multiple videos. You can also quickly split a large video clip file into smaller đoạn phim clips or trim unwanted parts of a video clip such as commercials, outtakes, và trailers.

Video Tutorials

MP4 Cutter, AVI Joiner Software

Bandicut can cut/merge đoạn phim files as an AVI cutter/joiner, MP4 cutter/joiner, MOV cutter/joiner, MKV cutter/joiner, or MPEG cutter/joiner. It works well with many file formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, MPEG, VOB, FLV, WMV, TS.

Supported clip Formats

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Cut đoạn phim without losing quality

Lossless video-cutting software is able khổng lồ cut specific parts of a đoạn phim without re-encoding. Compared khổng lồ other video-cutting programs, Bandicut allows you lớn cut, trim, split, and merge đoạn phim files và segments without a decline in quality!

High-Speed mode vs Encoding mode

Hardware accelerated H.264 video clip encoders are supported

Bandicut supports the hardware-accelerated H.264 (NVIDIA, Intel, AMD) encoders. You can cut or join videos at high tốc độ with excellent quality.

Hardware acceleration (NVIDIA/Intel/AMD)

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If you have ever recorded your screen or gameplay, sometimes,you may have wanted to lớn remove any unwanted parts of the đoạn phim or merge more than 2 video files. Bandicut is an essential program for ingamemobi.commers who want to precisely và quickly cut parts of videos và join multiple videos. Purchase Package