Cleo for gta vice city

This hack spawn a random vehicle with swat.The player will enter it as a passenger.The player has a time to enter it.Use code "DR1" khổng lồ use the service.When the player enter the vehicle:The player has to pay 100$.If the player don"t have 100$ he will exit the vehicle.Press Y to Yes & N to lớn No.If you press Y:It will take the player khổng lồ random side.I don"t know what is the importance but it"s fun. :)


You can create explodes with this mod.Use this code lớn get weapon:M G F W.Use this code to switch mode:M G W F.Use right & left mouse to lớn fire.

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With this mod, you will be able lớn cut off the head of any pedu with a katana or machete, from the 1st time.There was already such a mod, but this one is better in terms of implementation.P. S: Many thanks lớn Shagg_E và =SpitFire=, for help in the script!P. S. S: Tested on the 1.0 version of the game

Usage:Type "PANTHER" lớn turn into black Panther and back.ControlsHit Any oto To Destroy Any CarHit Any Ped to Kill Any PedWhen You Have Wanted The Cops Will Shoot You và The Energy Will ChargedAnd Press the "M" Button to lớn Create Shockwave Around Radius 10Credits:Scripting by me (SK Gaming Zone) mã sản phẩm of black Panther is made by (Victor Vance Modder)

The famous hack for GTA Vice City.What"s the point?The mod makes random transport on the roads, random pedestrians, random clothes, random pickups, và so on...

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