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a game by Ninja Theory
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 2 review, 1 Reviews is shown
User Rating: 8.5/10 - 4 votes
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As one of the most popular action games on the Sony PlayStation 2, Devil May Cry raised a huge number of fans. Following the brutal failure of the second game và the revival allowed by the third game, though, Devil May Cry 4 was seen as another mixed bag for the series. When DmC: Devil May Cry came on the scene in 2013, then, it was a major reboot of the popular series. How well-received, though, was the second take on a legendary gaming franchise?

The Son of Spardomain authority, Reborn

The game itself revolves around the story of Dante, son of the legendary warrior Spardomain authority. Danta himself is an iconic character, known for sporting a pair of awesome pistols & a giant sword. However, unlượt thích previous iterations of the series, DmC looked to introduce a whole new look & theme to lớn Dante; initially, such changes were reviewed with out right negativity.


By release, though, the game itself was given rave đánh giá by critics. Though long-standing fans of the series still felt slighted by the changes to lớn Dante & other major characters, the reboot achieved what was intended: a new entry point khổng lồ the series. How good, then, is DmC?


Whether playing the game with the added DLC or the base game, you will receive sầu a highly polished action adventure game. The changes were enough to move sầu it more in line with action games of the era as opposed to lớn its original routes that made it a more fast-paced, action-oriented version of Resident Evil. Indeed, more modern iterations of the reboot và its sequels are compared to lớn the likes of Dark Souls or the new God of War (2018) release.

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The story revolves around fighting against Mundus, a demon lord who has murdered Dante & Virgil’s mother whilst banishing Spardomain authority from the world. The game was highly praised for having a high standard of storytelling, much more detailed than previous editions of the series, while some criticism was aimed at the predictability of the story in some quarters.

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The main criticisms of the game mostly came down lớn length as opposed khổng lồ anything more specific. The game was seen as far too short, và some of the trùm battles were seen as too predictable và basic relative sầu to lớn what could have sầu achieved. However, the actual minute-to-minute combat was highly praised & played a major role in making the game more enjoyable and accessible compared lớn the more dated original games. With a highly impressive sầu art style & storyline compared khổng lồ previous games, the laông xã of enemy variety helped to create a balance that was, on the whole, a very successful reboot for the series.


Excellent visuals và gameplay combine togetherHigh bar for storytelling compared to lớn previous DMC gamesCombat system was a major step khổng lồ future instalments


Criticism of the new art style used for Dante and co. was hugeThe game is seen as too short in some quartersEnemy variety is lacking compared lớn previous DMC releases