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Don't Starve: Hamlet - How khổng lồ Survive the Humid Season It gets wet & muggy during the Humid season of Don"t Starve"s Hamlet DLC, which can be deadly if you"re not careful. Here"s how players can prepare.

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Klei Entertainment"s 2013 game Don"t Starve has received lots of DLC over the years, each adding an extra layer of difficulty khổng lồ the indie survival title. While Reign of Giants build upon the base game, Shipwrecked and Hamlet changed locations entirely, revealing new areas of the Constant lớn explore và die in.

However, out of all of them, Hamlet is by far the most difficult. It might have sầu a more convenient mechanic in the pig town Swinesbury with a house you can buy, but that"s the only concession it gives the player. Even the seasons -- always one of the more difficult game mechanics -- throws off the old pattern, having three routine ones & one secret one as opposed to the regularly cycling through four. These seasons are enough trouble on their own, and they can be deadly for players who are not ready for them.

fog in don't starve
As with any session of Don"t Starve, the first season you encounter is usually the most temperate one, and Hamlet is no exception. What is the exception is that each season is only about 10 days long as opposed khổng lồ the longer seasons in the base game and previous DLC. This means players have 10 days lớn prepare for the Humid season, which will slow exploration và day-to-day activity down lớn a crawl. Use this time to lớn get a house in the Hamlet, and prepare for a season of frequent rain & fog.

You can tell the Humid season has arrived because the screen gains a bluish tint. The first day will most likely not have sầu any inclement weather, providing a chance to prepare. Your most important purchase during this time will be at the General Store, where you pay 10 Oincs for an umbrella. It"s possible khổng lồ craft one, but since silk is dangerous to acquire in Hamlet, you"re better off buying one. This will help keep you mostly dry through the coming rainstorms. If it"s in stock, you"ll also want to buy Cloth, as it"s necessary for various important crafts.

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There are two hats that are useful during the Humid season, though only one can be found in the Hat tab. The Pith Helmet is made using Cloth, Cork and Vines, the last of which requires defeating the Snaptooth Flytraps to lớn get. The Helmet negates the fatigue effects that the Humid season triggers, allowing the player to lớn cart around their Backpachồng in the Fog. However, Fog limits how far you can see, making navigation difficult and ambush easy for any mob targeting you. While useful, it"s better lớn leave sầu your Backpaông xã in the Slanty Shanty và invest in the other hat for the season: the Cowl.

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The Cowl is under the Light tab and requires you to make a Compass first, which in turn needs some khung of raft to access. In this case, the Cork Bowl Canoe is your best bet, as its ingredients are the easiest to obtain -- Cork from Claw Palm Trees & a Rope. The other ingredients needed for the Cowl are dropped by Vampire Bats. They spawn every five days or so (more frequently than the Hounds they replace), meaning you"ll most likely have sầu both the Pig Skin? và the Batilisk Wing? needed to lớn craft the Cowl.

using the cowl in the hamlet
Once crafted, the Cowl acts much lượt thích the Moggles vì chưng in Reign of Giants. It will periodically ping out lượt thích a bat"s echolocation và show you a negative image of your surroundings, regardless of Fog. This makes it far superior to lớn the Pith Helmet, as visibility is a must during the Humid Season. Plus, it"s useful for exploring the ruins, as it can reveal the whole room instead of just a circle of light.

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One more construct you"ll need is the Lightning Rod, which keeps your house và farm safe. This requires Cut Stone & Gold to craft, both of which are easy to lớn obtain. The rocks can be found from mining Gnat Mounds, & Gold can be obtained using a Ball Pein Hammer on certain statues. Once crafted và placed, this will prevent a random lightning strike from destroying all your hard work, though it only protects the area around it. Should you wander into the wilds during a thunderstorm, you"ll still be in danger.

While these crafts will help you through the Humid season, you still have sầu lớn keep an eye on your Wetness cấp độ. Get too wet, & your tools become slippery and your sanity starts dipping -- get thoroughly soaked, and your character dies. Considering you can retreat to the Slanty Shanty lớn dry off, the situation should never get that dire, though, so conquer this season và start preparing for the next potential deadly one: the Lush season.