Multisyên & Ultiboard (Circuit Design Suite) PowerPro 12.0.1New version NI Circuit Design Suite nguồn Pro 12.0.1, includes the familiar products: NI Multisyên schematic capture & simulation environment và NI Ultiboard layout và routing.- NI Multisyên ổn Power nguồn ProNI Multisyên ổn software combines intuitive sầu capture with powerful simulation to lớn help you quickly, easily, and efficiently kiến thiết and validate a circuit.With Multisim, you can quickly build a schematic with a comprehensive component library and emulate circuit behavior using the industry-standard SPICE simulator.This software provides an easy-to-use interface to SPICE, ensuring accurate và immediate simulation results that uncover flaws earlier in the thiết kế process và reduce prototype errors & time khổng lồ market.You can purchase Multislặng as a complete, integrated kiến thiết and demo platkhung khổng lồ seamlessly transfer schematics to lớn layout in NI Ultiboard software và incorporate real-world measurements with the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment.- NI Ultiboard Power ProNI Ultiboard software provides an easy-to-use và intuitive sầu platform to lay out & route a printed circuit board (PCB) thiết kế.

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With Ultiboard, you can complete the entire layout process, from part placement to copper routing, in a flexible kiến thiết environment that optimizes tốc độ và control. Automated processes, such as the integrated advanced autorouter, quickly define noncritical trace placement, while manual trace placement ensures the precise control to lớn efficiently take a kiến thiết to lớn prototype.Seamless integration with NI Multisyên ổn software optimizes the kiến thiết experience, ensuring that you can easily transfer schematics to lớn PCB design & effortlessly annotate changes between layout and capture. You can export a final thiết kế lớn industry-standard file formats, such as Gerber and DXF, lớn complete the integrated flow of design to prototype.This new release brings with it a long các mục of quality improvements và new database parts.

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The following danh mục is a summary of the what"s included:- Over 200 new & updated Analog Devices components- Over 975 new and updated ON Semiconductor components- Over 525 new Infineon MOSFETs, each with up khổng lồ 3 levels of Mã Sản Phẩm complexity (Power nguồn Pro & Edu only)- Over 50 new National Instruments connectors- Over 50 new industry connectors, including RCA, HDMI, DVI, and JTAG headers- Over 1,400 duplicate symbols have been removed- Hierarchical and LabVIEW-Multisyên Co-simulation Connector Improvements- 150 Bug FixesName: NI Circuit Design Suite nguồn ProVersion: 12.0.1 (12.0.923)Interface: English, RussianOS: Windows XPhường / Vista / Seven / Server 2003 R2 / Windows Server 2008 R2Size: 625.4 mbNote: Circuit Design Suite 12.0.1 supports Windows XP. 32bit edition, Windows Vista 32bit and 64bit editions, Windows 7 32bit và 64bit editions, Windows Server 2003 R2 (32bit) và Windows Server 2008 R2 (64bit). Circuit Design Suite 12.0.1 does not support Windows 2000/NT/Me/98/95, Windows XP. 64bit edition, or the Windows Server non-R2 editions.