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RockmanX4 BOOST Ver năm nhâm thìn.08.14 Introduction Usage Usage: PS Version Usage: PC Version New Feature Suggested order Known Bugs THAT"s ALL

RockmanX4 BOOST Ver năm 2016.08.14This version only works on Japanese version.(I"ll work on LuaScript for US version MMX4 later.)


RockmanX4 BOOST is a fan-made gian lận of Rockman X4 (japanese version of Mega Man X4).In contrast to lớn most of the ROM-hacks, this mod is done by directly write some bytes into memory blocks.For PS version, this is achieved with Lua Script feature in PCSX-ReRecording;for PC version, this is achieved by a Cheat Engine-based Trainer.

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This thủ thuật is inspired by a Clip 一部敵がちょっと速い ロックマンX4,which utilize a set of gameshark codes to rephối the cooldown period every single frame.This makes the gameplay very different, but it also leads lớn a lot of problems;I then fix most of the problems with lua scripts and also strengthen all of the bosses and some of the enemies,extending concept "changing lesser values và making more difference".Surely, this is still too simple, but I think it is quite good right now.

lưu ý that there are many places which is impossible to lớn pass through without any damage;I add the feature lớn refill the subtanks more easily, so please don"t hestitate whenever you need it.

I tried to lớn make the mod to be friendly to every one who can finish the original MMX4 in 3~4 hours;hence, please don"t hesitate give it a try if you"re interested in MMX4!


This thủ thuật is implemented for PS version first, then ported khổng lồ PC version using CheatEngine.I personally suggest PS version for stability issues; there is still a small chance to crash in PC version.

Usage: PS Version

For PS version, I use the Lua Script feature in PCSX-ReRecording(pcsx-rr) to control the memory.

(1) Setup pcsx-rr: Configuration -> Plugins & BiosBIOS: Normally I use SCPH1001.Video/Audio: I use defaults (TAS Soft Graphics Plugin/TAS Sound Plugin).But you can use anything you lượt thích if you"re experienced in PSX emulators.Controller: I suggest Lilypad, especially if you"re using a gamepad.CD-ROM: You"ll need the RockmanX4 disc, or an RockmanX4 image in ISO or BIN formatHint: You may kiểm tra "ecentimet tools" if necessary.

(2) Loading the Lua ScriptFile -> Lua Scripting -> New Lua Script Window, Browse(or, if you"ve begun the gameplay, press CTRL-L to open the Lua script window.)Choose "x4boost-20160814.lua", then Press Run.

(3) File->Run CDchú ý that you cannot go khổng lồ the settings after you run the game, so bởi vì all cài đặt things first.You can press CTRL-A to lớn switch on/off the mod anytime,& you can see the status in the Output Console in the Lua Script window.

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Hint: Press Start+Select for 5 seconds and you can return khổng lồ Title screen anytime.

Usage: PC Version

For PC version, I use CheatEngine to lớn write bytes inkhổng lồ memory directly.(Hence it would be alarmed by some anti-vi khuẩn software. You can decide whether you trust CheatEngine or not.)You can choose "CheatEngine Trainer Executable" khổng lồ run the trainer without installing CheatEngine,or choose "" and run the trainer after you install CheatEngine manually.

It"s very easy to lớn use. Just run the game (RMX4.EXE), & open the trainer (executable or CE Trainer),Then "PRESS CTRL-A", và you"ll find the RED text "BOOST" in the trainer. That"s it.You have lớn run the game BEFORE you press CTRL-A.You can press CTRL-A to switch on/off the thủ thuật anytime.

New Feature

Auto-Refill all subtanks everytime you die or you enter a stage/area.Auto-Refill Lifebar after each battle in the bosses refights.

Suggested order

X: Jet Stingray -> Magma Dragoon -> Web Spidus -> Storm Fukuroul -> Anyone you like.Z: Jet Stingray -> Magma Dragoon -> Cyber Kujacker -> Storm Fukuroul -> Web Spidus -> Split Mushroom -> Frost Kibatodos -> Slash BeastLeo

Rethành viên you can always get the subtank in Marine Base First, even if you cannot beat the Stingray.If you"re using X, it is highly recommended that get the Foot Parts before fighting Colonel.If you"re using Zero and cannot get the subtank in Cyberspace, try it again after you get the Kuuenzan.

Known Bugs

Generaid Core: You may be unable lớn fight the Storm Owl if you use Ultimate armor X & performed Nova Strikes on Generaid Chip Core.


Yes, that"s all.

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May the subtanks be with you.