How to install mods in sims 4


Many Sims 4 players enjoy how the trò chơi looks và works as-is. However, members of the online Sims community have spent countless hours developing content to enrich and enhance the game & bring it khổng lồ new heights. Mods allow you lớn get new features out of a game và change how some old functions work.

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Use tệp tin Explorer to mở cửa the Documents folder directly.

Most mods come in the khung of zipped files. You’ll need a program lượt thích WinRAR or 7Zip to mở cửa these folders & extract the raw files where you need them.

Before downloading a mod, check to see if it’s compatible with the current version of the Sims 4 you’re running on your device. Outdated mods may be flawed, not run at all, or may corrupt other parts of the game.

Installing the Mods

Installing the mods is somewhat of a misnomer, as you don’t need lớn follow an installation process. Once you have downloaded the thủ thuật files and opened them with an unzipping program, the steps will differ based on the types of thủ thuật you’re downloading. There are four main categories:

Custom nội dung and general mods: These files kết thúc in .package. Xuất hiện the Mod thư mục the game has created (Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods) và copy all the mod files into the folder. You can create additional subfolders lớn organize your growing gian lận collection better.Lots & new Sims: If you want to get more lots opened on the map, mods that enable them use the following extensions: .bpi, .blueprint, .trayitem. These files go in the Tray thư mục in the Sims 4 documents (Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray).Script mods: Script mods change how the trò chơi operates in some way (custom careers, for example) & use the .ts4script extension. They can also use other files. If you’ve downloaded a script mod, don’t separate the files, and keep them in the same folder. You can put this folder in the Mods folder. Naturally, you’ll need khổng lồ enable script mods khổng lồ work with script mods. Ensure the ts4script files are only one level deep at most in the Mods thư mục (i.e. Mods/ModName/.ts4script file).Zipped script mods: If you’ve opened a zipped file và see a .pyc tệp tin in it, you don’t have lớn unzip the folder or move the files. Move the entire zip into the Mods folder.

Other file types, such as images & .txt files, are not loaded by the game và can be discarded, but you can keep them for future reference. Once you know where each tệp tin is supposed khổng lồ go, the process is simple:

Open the zipped file.
Drag the files from the zip to the destination.

Some download files are .exe files. Most commonly, this is a virus and should be avoided. However, if the mod’s creator can be trusted (as well as the site you downloaded it from), you can keep it.

The application usually installs everything automatically & gives you the instructions khổng lồ complete the installation process. Advanced modders use application files to make more complex nội dung that works with different tệp tin types & adds more functionalities, but these tend to be rare.

Running the Game

Once the mods are installed on your device, relaunch the game. If you’re using custom lots or items, you will need to check the Show Custom Content box when browsing through the gallery, lots, and buy menus.

How lớn Install Mods in Sims 4 on Mac

The process for installing the mods on a Mac device is essentially the same as the steps required for a PC:

Go into the game & enable the mods & custom content.Download the mod you want from the internet.Use Finder khổng lồ locate the Mods thư mục (Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods).Extract the gian lận from the downloaded file và copy the files into the Mods folder. Don’t unzip script mods that work in zip files (most modders will notify you of these mods).

We recommend using Archive Utility to unzip the downloaded files for use.

How lớn Install Mods in Sims 4 on PS4

Unfortunately, Sims 4 doesn’t have mod tư vấn for the PS4. Games generally have minimal modding options on consoles, và games that allow you to lớn change the game play are a minority. The developer has no current plans to enable custom nội dung on the PS4, so don’t get your hopes up.

How lớn Install Mods in Sims 4 on Xbox

Similar khổng lồ the PS4 situation, Sims 4 doesn’t allow mods on the Xbox console. With only a select few games allowing minor mod support (such as Skyrim), console gaming is relatively hostile lớn modding due khổng lồ different OS requirements và setups.

If you want khổng lồ play Sims 4 with custom content, your only options are to play on a PC (Windows or Mac).

How to Install Mods in Sims 4 Cracked

We generally don’t support players pirating games. Mods also bring this lớn the next level. Since pirated (or cracked) game versions often are slightly outdated or have a few different installation files, there’s no guarantee that mods that work for legitimate Sims 4 copies will work for pirated ones.

If you vày want to lớn try the process out, the same applies whether you’re using a cracked version of the game or a genuine copy. Your Sims 4 documents thư mục may be located in a different place, courtesy of the installation.

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How lớn Install Mods in Sims 4 on Origin

Origin doesn’t have a standalone thủ thuật database or a way to lớn keep your mod library updated automatically. The only possible upside is that you can access the game files from the Origin client:

Open Origin, then go to the trò chơi library.Right-click on Sims 4 in your Origin library and select Locate game.

However, Origin won’t be able lớn find your Documents folder where the Mods files are supposed lớn go, so the help it provides is minimal.

How lớn Install Mods in Sims 4 on Steam

Whether you’re using Steam or Origin khổng lồ play the game, the process for downloading the mods doesn’t change. Since Steam hasn’t enabled the Workshop for Origin games, you can’t keep a list of mods directly on the platform and have to download each hack manually.

Mod Troubleshooting Guide

Once you start downloading mods, you may not want khổng lồ stop. However, you should lưu ý that some mods don’t play well with other ones. In severe cases, the trò chơi won’t run properly or at all. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of mods while preventing mishaps:

Backup mods before an update: Game updates are the banes of all modders. Some mods stop working, while others are unaffected. Sometimes, the game library gets refreshed & removes all mods from the PC. Whenever you need lớn update Sims 4, copy the thủ thuật files to lớn another folder.Use the Repair Tool: The in-built repair tool in the Steam or Origin client will refresh your local files và remove any corrupted ones. In some cases, it may fix mods that stopped working.Delete the cache files: In the Sims 4 Documents folder, you’ll see folders named “cache” và “cachestr.” These folders hold temporary files & information. Removing their contents can allow Sims 4 to refresh mods và resolve some issues.Check for hack updates: If a hack is not working due to lớn a trò chơi update, chances are the creator has made a new version that patches the problem. You’ll need khổng lồ remove the previous version of the mod & start from scratch with a new one. Deleting the cache is sometimes necessary as well.Check for thủ thuật incompatibility: If you’re using several mods, try using only half of them at a time to kiểm tra if the issues persist. Changing the selection of mods you use at once can show which hack is the culprit. In some cases, the underlying game programming means some mods simply can’t work together at all, và you’ll need lớn choose which ones khổng lồ keep.

Additional FAQ

How do You Enable Mods in Sims 4?

Here’s what you need khổng lồ do:

• Launch the game.

• In the main menu, click on the three dots icon on the top right corner lớn enter the Game Options.

• Click on the Other tab.

• kiểm tra the box to Enable Custom content and Mods.

• If you’re using script mods, also check Script Mods Allowed. The game will show a warning when using script mods. Click on Accept.

• Press Apply Changes và exit the game.

Where Can I Find Mods for Sims 4?

Next up, you’ll need to download the hack from the internet. While we can’t tell you where to lớn look, there are many online resources for Sims 4 mods và CC. You shouldn’t have khổng lồ pay for any mods (although some modders will accept donations, as developing nội dung can take days of work). Popular nội dung libraries include thủ thuật The Sims và The Sims Resource, but you can find them on social truyền thông media or through popular YouTube simmers.

How vì chưng You Get Custom content in Sims 4?

Custom content is similar lớn mods. You’ll be able to lớn find them at the same gian lận repositories. The main difference is that mods can change how the base game works, while custom nội dung only changes the aesthetics of the game và doesn’t impact the underlying trò chơi mechanics.

Use The Sims Resource or follow your favorite online simmers on social truyền thông media and track their posts to lớn get the best custom content.

How vì chưng You download Mods for Sims 4?

Once you’ve found a thủ thuật you like, download it through your browser. Most browsers have a default Download folder (which you can change) & a section khổng lồ find items you’ve downloaded. For Chrome, press “Ctrl + J” to mở cửa the Downloads screen directly.

Get More Out of Sims 4 With Mods

Mods are an excellent way khổng lồ customize your Sims’ lives further & bring new challenges & items into the game. You’ll usually have more problems finding the nội dung you like and installing it into the game. That’s a part of Sims 4’s charm. With so many community members, new custom nội dung is available frequently.