How to download files from google drive to phone or pc

How to lớn Download From Google Drive sầu to Local Storage và Delete Duplicates

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Cloud Storage can be a very convenient way you can store your data (photos, videos, music etc.) remotely using platforms like iCloud và Google Drive sầu. You can then access your data stored in the cloud via the internet using any of your devices (computers, mobile devices etc.).

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As the demand for more và higher chất lượng truyền thông media increases, so too does the requirement for more space to store such truyền thông. Since the hardware (e.g. a hard drive in an iPhone) cannot keep up with this demand, people turn to Cloud Storage to store their data - this keeps space không tính tiền on their điện thoại device.

Google Drive sầu is Google"s answer khổng lồ the people"s calls for cloud storage.

Get the most out of your Drive sầu - get rid of duplicates khổng lồ save yourself time và money.

So, you"ve sầu phối up your Google Drive and have saved some files there. How do you download those files lớn your computer or to your phone?

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Method 1: Download files from Google Drive sầu khổng lồ PC

First, ask yourself whether you want to transfer certain files from Google Drive sầu lớn your computer, or whether you would prefer khổng lồ always keep your computer & Google Drive sầu in sync.

The first option will vì for those who only want certain files from their Google Drive, or who only rarely need Google Drive sầu files on their computer.

For those who always want access to lớn their Google Drive files from their computer, I would recommover using Google"s "Backup và Sync" app. Any files added, removed or edited on Google Drive will be reflected automatically on your computer, so you can keep all your up to lớn date files in both locations at once.

Let"s see how lớn download from Google Drive lớn PC:

If you"re not logged into your Google account already, click "Go lớn Google Drive" and enter your details.Select all the files that you wish khổng lồ tải về. You can hold the "ctrl" key on your keyboard while clicking multiple files lớn select many files at once. Or after clicking a file, hit "ctrl + A" on your keyboard to lớn select all files in your Drive sầu. If you are using a Mac, use "cmd" instead of "ctrl".Click the thực đơn inhỏ in the top-right corner of the window to access More Actions. Cliông chồng "Download".Your files will be downloaded from Google Drive sầu to lớn your computer as a zipped file. To access these files on your computer, you"ll first need to extract them (you"ll find an "Extract" option when you open the thư mục in File Explorer).


Now let"s see how lớn sync files from Google Drive sầu to lớn PC. The Backup và Sync setup wizard will take you through this process, but I"ve noted the steps below for you as well:

Cliông xã "Agree và Download" to begin the tải về.Double-cliông chồng the downloaded file to lớn begin the installation.When the install is complete, click "Get Started".Sign in lớn your Google Account.If you wish to also sync folders from your computer with Google Drive, kiểm tra the relevant checkboxes (when you add, edit or remove sầu files in these folders, they will also be reflected in Google Drive).Cliông xã "Next" khổng lồ continue with the thiết đặt.Click "Got It" khổng lồ proceed.Check "Sync My Drive lớn this computer".Choose to lớn either sync all folders from Google Drive sầu with your computer, or to only sync certain folders.Cliông xã "Start" to lớn download files from Google Drive khổng lồ your computer.

Depending on how many files you have chosen khổng lồ sync, the tải về may take some time. However, when the tải về is complete, you will be able khổng lồ access your Google Drive files on your computer.

To vày this, open File Explorer on your computer, then clichồng "Google Drive" from the left-hvà column.

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Method 2: Download from Google Drive sầu khổng lồ iPhone

Downloading files from your Google Drive khổng lồ your iPhone is easy, but first, you"ll need the Google Drive ứng dụng on your iPhone.

If you"ve not already got the Google Drive ứng dụng on your iPhone, you can download it from the App Store.

How lớn download files from Google Drive to iPhone:

mở cửa the Google Drive ứng dụng on your iPhone.Tap the thực đơn icon next lớn the file you wish to lớn tải về.Tap "xuất hiện In".Select the app to open the tệp tin in, và it will be downloaded khổng lồ your device.

How to lớn download photos và videos from Google Drive sầu to lớn iPhone:

xuất hiện the Google Drive sầu app on your iPhone.Tap the menu ibé next lớn the photo or video clip you wish to lớn download.Tap "Send a Copy"Tap "Save sầu Image" or "Save sầu Video".The tệp tin will be added your iPhone Photos tiện ích.


Method 3: Delete Duplicates from Google Drive

So, we"ve seen how to lớn download files & photos from Google Drive lớn your computer & khổng lồ your iPhone.

However, you may find that in the process of transferring files from place to place or saving files from different devices; that you will accumulate duplicates of some of your files.

Not only are duplicate files annoying và messy, but they take up valuable space in your Google Drive. Since you only get 15GB miễn phí space with Google Drive sầu, duplicates can eat away at this allowance and may eventually cause you khổng lồ consider upgrading to gain more space even though you may not need to lớn.

There"s a simple remedy for this issue - Duplicate Sweeper.

Duplicate Sweeper is a handy tool for your Windows PC or Mac which scans your folders & deletes duplicate files based on your preferences. It can save sầu you hours or even days of looking through folders và files lớn discover if files are duplicated and considering which ones lớn move sầu.

Duplicate Sweeper can quickly scan multiple folder or drives to return your duplicates. Simply select whether to lớn keep the newest or the oldest of each duplicate lớn remove sầu them automatically, or manually select which khổng lồ remove sầu.

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Cheông chồng out our guides on how lớn use Duplicate Sweeper lớn remove sầu duplicate files from Google Drive, và how lớn delete duplicate photos in Google Photos.

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