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FIX!!!!! use game save manager to lớn backup savesfind your save files and delete all even that thư mục "46"start game & wait a couple seconds for it lớn create a new 46 folder and you will see a new savenow exit game & restore your game save files with GSMyour 2 files, 1 is an "upload" & the other is a "save" filerename your restored back up save (just delete the word old)leave the "upload" file alone & start gameyour welcome
yikes sounds like you got a corrupt save from the cloud that happened lớn me once years ago , ever since then i keep that setting OFF in Uplay and Steam and rely on backing up my own saves , or keeping them where they need lớn be only on my harddrive the bad news is you might be boned like i was ..

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I had khổng lồ delete my saves on my had disk & shut off that setting in Uplay .. Then start the game all over again first thing to vị is xuất hiện Uplay (make sure you have the up to date version installed)for now dont update it .. Just mở cửa Uplay try updateing it after you try the following as a last resort go lớn the settings and uncheck the setting that says Enable cloud save syncronization for supported games (shut that SH_it off man its EVIL) next try your trò chơi if it fails again exit out of the game then look here http://ingamemobi.com/app/298110/discussions/0/627456486417358966/again that page is about Far Cry 4 but read what Akuna posted in the tip # 15 you may be able to save your current save by a few tricks by re nameing a few files normally for Far Cry 3 your saves are in C:Program files X 86 ubisoft ubisoft game launcher * a folder with a series of letters & numbers varies from system to lớn system * 46 if you can not get the save files to lớn work by one of the means that Akuna posted lượt thích C. Open this folder - you will see a phối of numbered pairs of *.save & *.save.upload files (sometimes it"s just *.save files). Pick only one of the *.save files và delete all the rest. Now, if the number in the file"s name is different from "1", rename it khổng lồ "1". Sometimes there is a *.save.temp file, you can use it, just rename it khổng lồ 1.save.or D.

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Load the game, và see if it fixed. If it didn"t work, exit the game, restore the nội dung of FC3 saves folder from the backup you made in step 2, và try to lớn use different save tệp tin as described in step 3. By step 3 he means rename a differnt save và try it .. Or a try a general windows restore point if none of that works you will have to like i did delete your save files or your 46 thư mục and start the trò chơi again at the begginning (the trò chơi will make a new 46 folder) i make my own backups now of my save files you can try lớn find someone to ZIP theirs up và e mail them lớn you , và it may work ....or check online as some one may have posted some on the mạng internet already the Cloud save feature in Uplay as well as sometimes Steam can have problems the Uplay one is notorious for corrupting your save data ..so make sure you always keep that setting shut off in uplay if you ever need to back up your saves again khổng lồ move khổng lồ another PC just back em up with a thumb drive instructions can be found here https://support.ubi.com/en-US/FAQ/9/3888/how-can-i-manually-back-up-my-save-game/kA030000000enCFCAYremember your saves are in C:Program files X 86 ubisoft ubisoft game launcher * a thư mục with a series of letters and numbers varies from system khổng lồ system * 46 thats where they belong .. Not on some silly cloud if you used the mặc định settings when you installed Uplay it enables the cloud save crap keep it off! good luck hope ya dont kết thúc up boned like i was , & have lớn start the trò chơi over again and you can always try khổng lồ reinstall Uplay with the up lớn date version might fix it ... Not sure tho .. You can get it here https://uplay.ubi.comdo not uninstall what you have .. Simply download it & reinstall over your existing install