Ranking The 15 Best Batman Video Games Of All Time Outside of Spider-Man, Batman has the greakiểm tra đoạn phim game history of any supernhân vật. Here"s the best Dark Knight games of all time.

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Whether you know hyên ổn as the dark knight, the caped crusader, or Batman, he is one of comic books" most famous superheroes. Playing the part of billionaire Bruce Wayne by day và Batman by night, there is little time for Batman lớn sleep. Crime doesn"t sleep, so why would he?

Naturally, plenty of games have sầu tried lớn capture the essence of Batman. A unique Batman game doesn"t deviate from the source material. It provides an authentic Batman experience with all the elements of the Dark Knight, including detective work, the usage of gadgetry, gliding, & Batman villains. The Batman: Arkham series meets all of these expectations, which is why they are the most-liked Batman games. That said, there are quite a few other good Batman titles.

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Updated on January 7th, 2021 by Patriông xã Mocella: With dozens of games under his name already released, WB Games Montreal will have a tremendous battle later this year if the studio wishes to establish its game, Gotsay đắm Knights, as among mỏi the best in Batman"s long history. Whether it"s beat-em-up, platforming 2D sidescrollers, or stealthy action-adventure experiences, Batman has his bat-claws in every system and genre a fan can want. Gotmê mẩn Knights is phối lớn launch later this year, so now is a good time lớn revisit the best Batman games ever made with some new entries. While the new ones aren"t incredible by any means, they"re still worthy of a DC fan"s time.

15 Batman Forever: The Arcade Game

batman forever the arcade game
Despite being based on the highly successful Batman Forever movie, Batman Forever: The Arcade Game is forgotten by many gamers due to being released on trang chính consoles almost a year after the movie had come out in theatres. While it isn"t a great game by any means, it is so off the wall crazy that it has khổng lồ be included.

Just as how the Batman movies changed direction under Joel Schumacher from Tyên Burton, this game tosses out the window any seriousness the previous games based on the films had. In the place of moody và tense cutscenes is Batman và Robin smashing endless armies of criminals with screen-clearing super moves and Street Fighter esque button combos. It is one of the flashiest beat-em-ups ever created và while you likely won"t play it more than twice, it is a sensory trip any Batman fan should try out.

14 Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu

batman rise of sin tzu
Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu occupies a quality place in Batman gaming history. Although it uses the designs and overall continuity of the New Batman Adventures TV show, it stars an original villain named Sin Tzu who seeks out the toughest opponents khổng lồ defeat them in combat. Naturally, this draws hlặng inkhổng lồ the cross-hairs of Batman.

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At its core, this game is a surprisingly difficult beat-em-up where Batman fights through legions of henchmen before ending each stage with a trùm who has been broken out by Sin Tzu. You can level up & buy new combos but most importantly, you & up to lớn four friends can play as Batman, Robin (Tyên ổn Drake), Nightwing, or Batgirl. The game is at its best with four players and while it will never be topping any best Batman games lists, it is a fun enough time to lớn play once.

13 Batman Begins

While the story of the canceled The Dark Knight game has been told before, what"s often forgotten is that the film"s prequel, Batman Begins, actually did receive sầu a moderately successful game of its own.

Developed by Eurocom, Batman Begins can be best be described as a cross between Splinter Cell (because of its stealth sequences) and, of all things, the Burnout series (because of its BatMobile driving sections). While the game never comes lớn cthua to the cấp độ of chất lượng of either of those series, it nonetheless is a fun adventure that arguably phối the template for the Arkham series that came after it.

12 Batman Returns (SNES)

batman returns snes
Bachồng in the 16-bit console era, it would have sầu been quite impossible for Batman games khổng lồ have heavily detailed stealth or detective sầu mechanics. Thus, fans received mostly linear side-scrollers, but that doesn"t mean they weren"t fun. Case in point, Konami"s classic Batman Returns on the Super Nintenvày.

Aside from a single Batsản phẩm điện thoại driving màn chơi, the game follows the events of the movie as Batman fights Catwoman, The Penguin, and endless legions of thugs from a beat-em-up perspective sầu. While the game is hardly revolutionary, the graphics have aged quite well and the controls are solid, making its combat highly satisfying. Its cheap bosses knoông xã it down a peg compared to lớn other beat-em-ups on the SNES, but it"s still fun lớn throw criminals inlớn glass windows after stunning them with a Batarang.

11 Batman (NES)

Retro gamers still loyal to lớn Nintendo"s breakout console still swear by this Batman title & after playing it, it"s easy to lớn understvà why.

Batman on the NES is a simple side-scroller where players must reach the kết thúc of a stage, beat a boss, & move onto the next one until they reach The Joker. From its wall jumping puzzles lớn its various weapon power-ups, the game plays extremely similar to Ninja Gaiden on the same console, which isn"t a bad template for an 8-bit Batman title. What puts this over the edge of many other Batman movie games, though, is its presentation. The 8-bit cutscenes look amazing for their time & its soundtrack shines on a system known for classic soundtracks. Very much worth the time of any Batman fan.

10 Batman: The Telltale Series

Batman"s altruistic nature transcends that of the average man. Although Batman is a human being born Earth, he displays supernhân vật qualities that surpass the limits of a man.

In Batman: The Telltale Series, we dive sầu deeper inlớn the story of Batman, but the game fails to make any impactful changes. The story can be dull at times, which is why Batman: The Telltale Series is not a robust Telltale game or an immersive Batman experience.

9 The Adventures of Batman & Robin

Years later, Batman: Animated Series is still regarded as the most excellent cartoon adaption of DC"s Batman. This can be credited to its engrossing stories và top-notch voice acting. Season 2 of the Batman: Animated Series was retitled "The Adventures of Batman and Robin." The television series inspired the video clip game of the same name.

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The Adventures of Batman and Robin released for consoles such as the Super Nintenvị Entertainment System, Sega CD/Mega-CD, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive sầu, & Sega trò chơi Gear. Using passwords to lớn save sầu progress wasn"t ikhuyến mãi, but the game was entertaining for its time.

8 Injustice: Gods Aước ao Us

While the combat of the original Injustice: Gods Ahy vọng Us is solid, some of the movements of characters were a bit sluggish. Soon after the release of Injustice: God Among mỏi Us, games lượt thích Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat X phối a new precedent for games of the fighting genre. At least Injustice: God Among Us was a build-up khổng lồ Injustice 2, và it"s devoid of lookalike characters.

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The màn chơi of detail is remarkable. The game, however, could have sầu had more characters, stages, và better combat mechanics. A blover of 3 chiều và 2D doesn"t work as seamlessly as we hoped. Luckily, its story elements kept it relevant.

7 Batman: Arkđê mê VR

The same developer behind the Batman: Arkham series put out one of the most polished VR games we"ve seen yet. Being able to glide would have been a nice touch to lớn the game, but it still had interesting detective work.

Recreating crime scenes and doing forensic work is intuitive sầu. The story of Batman: Arksay mê VR was its high-point, but missing Batman gameplay elements held it baông chồng from its potential. Future Batman VR games can learn quite a bit from Batman: Arkmê mệt VR.

6 Batman: Arkđắm đuối Origins

The game was riddled with glitches & bugs, but eventually, it became an above-average Batman game. Venturing through a snowy Gotham mê City, Batman is early in his career as the story takes place well before Batman: Arksay mê AsylumBatman: Arksi mê Knight. 

Villains like Blachồng Mask, Penguin, Deadshot, Deathstroke, and Bane make Arkham mê Origins st& out. It"s without a doubt, the worst main series Batman: Arkham game, but it"s still worthy of a playthrough despite its flaws.

5 Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

This is unquestionably the greachạy thử Lego Batman game to lớn date. It"s a game that puts you in the shoes of Batman và doesn"t look awkward while doing so. One major flaw of the Batman: Arkham series is that Batman covers a large portion of the screen. In Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, the game uses an appropriate camera angle that allows you lớn focus on solving puzzles and in turn, crime.

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Flying as Superman adds a new dynamic to the series. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is by no means a game meant exclusively for kids. Almost anyone can find enjoyment in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes as it has a little something for everyone.

4 Batman: Arkmê say Knight

If you"re a người of tank combat, you might like this game. Putting aside the overwhelming number of Batmobile sections, Batman: Arkham Knight is all-around spectacular. It might have been the best Batman game of all time if it removed the Batmobile.

3 Injustice 2

With a wide selection of DC characters khổng lồ choose from, Injustice 2 surpasses expectations, delivering one of the most exceptional fighting experiences in the history of video clip games. The combination of fighting và story sequences blended worked well. An increase in nội dung, including more costumes is why Injustice 2 is superior to Injustice: Gods Ahy vọng Us.

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For competitive players, it may not be their first choice because of balancing issues. It is still a fun game, however, for fans of the DC Universe.

2 Batman: Arksay đắm Asylum

The game that started the renowned Arkmê say series happens to lớn be one of the best Batman games of all time. The story was captivating, & most importantly, there weren"t many bugs hindering gameplay.

Batman: Arkmê say Asylum featured Batman villains like the Joker, Riddler, Bane, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, và Scarecrow. It introduced the Arkham series, which became the inspiration for later games like Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorSpider-Man for PS4. Playing the part as a detective in a gradually thickening plot is too enjoyable in Batman: Arktê mê Asylum.

1 Batman: Arkmê man City

Batman: Arkđê mê City is almost perfect in every way. The màn chơi kiến thiết và scale of its maps is a considerable jump in comparison to Arkham City"s predecessor, Batman: Arksi mê Asylum. Developer Rocksteady Studgame ios mix a precedent that will impact games for years khổng lồ come. Gliding above the đô thị from rooftop khổng lồ rooftop is intuitive sầu & creates memories that will last forever.

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Later games in the series tried to innovate, but none can match the near-perfect gameplay of Batman: Arkmê say City. For the most epic way to lớn play as Batman in a video clip game, choose Batman: Arkmê mệt City.