Dinotrux app trux it up!

DinoTrux, the Netflix original cartoon from DreamWorks Animation and the mind of Chris Gall, is one of our family’s favorites, so when the Dinotrux: Trux It Up! phầm mềm was announced, we downloaded it immediately!

For any fans of the show, the intro is well-known & loved. The cast of Dinotrux–Ty, Dozer, Garby, Skya, Ton-ton, và Revvit, work together lớn build the show’s hình ảnh while the theme song plays. The theme of working together is central khổng lồ the show and is exactly what the game is all about.

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The Game

The main goal is to lớn use the four Dinotrux lớn work together to lớn build the logo sản phẩm, just lượt thích in the show’s intro. The game walks the player through how the way each Dinotrux works and what steps they perkhung.

Ty breaks big boulders out of the mountain with his wrecking ball, and then throws them over to lớn Dozer.

Dozer uses his jackhammer tail to break the boulders into smaller rocks. Then he uses his shovel head to lớn push them down the cliff to Garby.

Garby eats the rocks until his tummy is full (there is a tummy progress bar as well as tell-tale gas cloud that comes out of his back-end), at which point he “dumps” cubed blocks down a ramp to Skya.

Skya then lifts those blocks to size a base for the letters spelling out Dinotrux. As the player progresses through the game, the letters are earned one by one by getting stars for completing actions enough times.

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In addition khổng lồ the base actions each Dinotrux performs, they also will run out of fuel after working hard. This is where Ton-ton comes in. He is used lớn pick up fuel & deliver it lớn each Dinotrux when they need more.

There are also four mini-games in the app. The Revvit mini-game is completely standalone. Players tap flying dragonflies for Revvit to lớn snatch up with his tape measure tongue–get enough và earn stars to lớn also help earn letters.

The other three mini-games pop-up when a Dinotrux breaks down. One is a scratch and dent game. Clean off the mud & junk, spray on a new coat of paint, and off they go. Another requires the player to move sầu a reptool up a conveyor belt, presumably inside the Dinotrux, to lớn pichồng up screws and bolts that have sầu rattled thảm bại while avoiding rocks. Pickup enough, và the Dinotrux is repaired, take too long or don’t get enough before reaching the over of the belt, & start over. The last mini game involves re-bolting on panels lớn the Dinotrux. There are four possible bolt shapes, so the player must match the right bolt with the right bolt hole before screwing them on.

The Verdict

My son is three-years-old, loves Dinotrux, & loves this game. He was able lớn do almost everything successfully himself. He did need help on a couple of things–the mini-game with the reptool requires using controls on either side of the app to lớn move the reptool left and right. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. Also, Dozer, Garby, & Ton-ton all move the same way–tap và hold where you want them lớn go & they drive sầu towards your finger. He had a hard time not trying lớn swipe them where he wanted them to lớn go so they would start and stop a lot. He’s getting the hang of it now, but it’s something khổng lồ watch out for.

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Dinotrux: Trux It Up! is available for $3.99 from the iTunes store. There are no in-tiện ích purchases or advertising which is always a huge bonus for kids games. If your family enjoys Dinotrux, it’s definitely worth the price. Even though my son “finished” the game, he still asks to lớn play it multiple times a day!

ingamemobi.com also has two codes for không tính phí copies of the game! Use the khung below lớn be entered to lớn win. Winners will be selected on Friday, June 24th at 5pm Pacific Time.