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Looking for a music game for your elementary music lesson that will reinforce aurally identifying quarter note & 2 eighth notes beamed? This music activity is an excellent addition to lớn your music lesson plans or anytime you are working on reading eighth quarter.

An engaging elementary music game for centers, whole group instruction, music sub tubs or distance learning! Plus, it will work on tablets và Web Browsers.

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The product contains 5 student interactive sầu slides. Each slide has several sound effects and animations. Students will click on the raccoon to lớn hear a rhythmic pattern. They will then click on the rhythm that matches what they hear! Students will know immediately without leaving the page if they were able to determine which rhythm was played or if they need khổng lồ listen again. Be prepared for a brain break of laughter and movement when they select the correct answer. Perfect addition lớn your Orff lessons and Kodaly lessons while addressing reading music!

A QR Code is also included. Print or project the pdf flyer so students can easily scan and play the game.

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An excellent observation or assessment tool to see which students might be struggling with the concept.

The game was designed to lớn be projected onlớn your SmartBoard, Promethian, Mimio or Interactive sầu Whiteboard and will run on PC"s, Mac"s, Chromebooks và tablets using a "link" that will open via your default internet browser. In addition, use the QR code provided or the PowerPoint version of the game as another option for utilizing the hàng hóa. Integrating the resource inlớn digital learning platforms like Canvas, Blackboard, Seesaw, và Google Classroom is easy when utilizing the "shared link". Perfect music resource for distance learning.

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Upon purchase please read the document titled "1 READ FIRST INFORMATION" for detailed instructions.

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TpT has kích thước restrictions on preview and I am unable lớn offer a pReview of the Web Browser version of the product. If you would lượt thích khổng lồ see it please tin nhắn me at McPhersonsMusicRoom and I will be more than happy to lớn accommodate you.

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