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Guts và Glory is a game about ordinary people competing in extraordinary challenges of life and death! The first game mode planned is a "survival racing experience." Inspired by the likes of Happy Wheels, Turbo Dismount, Trials, Mario Kart, BeamNG, and even Super Meat Boy.

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Features:* Physics driven mayhem and 100% full-time ragdoll characters* Realtime dismemberment, blood that spatters on anything, bones và gore.* Vehicles you can dent, smash và break apart, like bikes, ATVs, family cars và jet-powered contraptions.* A growing number of Hazards & Special Items like Sawblades, Cannons, and Giant Fans.* Hilarious crashes và pedestrians to run over* Spikes lớn the face* And good ol" father-son bonding experiences!


The craziest game show on earth, where ordinary people compete in extraordinary challenges of life và death.

Race to lớn the finish line while everything tries to kill you. Dodge spinning saw blades, deadly spikes, explosives, turrets, and a growing danh mục of other hazards—while navigating insane tracks set in a wide variety of environments. A game full of LOLs & WTFs và OMGs, where failing can be just as much fun as winning. Do it lớn prove sầu your awesomeness. Do it for the laughs. Do it for the glory!


Physics-driven vehicles with dynamic damage and destruction100% ragdoll riders, with realtime dismemberment, blood và guts everywhereDestructible props and environments: smash through windows, thin walls, fences, barrels, etc.Level Editor and Level Sharing, with Steam Workshop integrationAI Pedestrians that wander around, run away screaming, & die in hilarious fashionsAI Enemies that chase you down with hell-bent furyLoads of Hazards: cannons, explosives, wrecking balls, circular saws and so much moreSpecial Items: Mega Fans, Turbo Boosters, Zero Gravity Fields, & morePower-Ups: Boost Refills, Invincibility, & other surprises lớn come10 Unique Vehicles và their associated Heroes100 Official Tracks, spread across 10 Themed Maps, including other biomesTime of Day System: night races, glaring sun, or possibly even realtime changes during the raceSteam Integration: Leaderboards, Achievements, Workcửa hàng, etc.


If Guts và Glory does well enough during Early Access launch, I may build additional trò chơi Modes. I’ll look lớn fans khổng lồ point me in the right direction on this one. These are not confirmed, but just possible ideas:

Safety Taxi: You are Chuchồng. You are a taxi/bus driver… except your taxi/bus is just an old pickup truông xã, painted yellow, with wooden bench seats bolted inlớn the bed. (Hey, school budgets are really tight!) Your job is to lớn pickup và deliver passengers lớn their destinations as quickly as possible—with minimum casualties or collateral damage.Adventure Time: This game mode would play similar khổng lồ a 3 chiều platformer adventure game—but in vehicles và totally physics driven. Would include weapons, power-ups, và epic trùm fights.Deathmatch Arena: Challenge Friends in a battle to lớn the death. Think Super Mario Kart arenas—but with bloody deaths & dismemberments!


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(re)Announcing Pigeon Simulator Feb 4 2021News 4 comments

HakJak Studgame ios is creating an official reboot of Bossa"s original prototype from 2019--bigger, better, & more pigeon pooping madness than ever before!

Our goal: create something that"s kindomain authority lượt thích GTA meets Goat Simulator--but with pigeons!

Wishdanh mục and Follow here for a chance khổng lồ be included in our early altrộn tests!

More than "just a Goat Sim 2.0", Pigeon Simulator is a "physics sandbox roguelite." It features comedy physics gameplay mixed with action RPG roguelike mechanics & story content to deliver a chất lượng gameplay experience.

Do what you want, when you want, và enjoy the FREEDOM of being a pigeon.


Pigeons are born with one purpose in life that outweighs all others...RULE. THE. WORLD.For centuries, pigeons have sought to stop the oppressions of mankind by gaining influence over them. For centuries, they have sầu lost this battle…...until now?

Every few generations, a pigeon is born with extraordinary capabilities--a hero in the floông xã.

You are this Blessed Bird. You are The Chosen One.


But with great power, comes great responsibility. How will you create your Pigeon Paradise?- Will you destroy all humanity has built & return the lvà to lớn Mother Nature?- Will you strive sầu to create a utopia where birds and mankind can live together in peace and harmony?- Will you embrace the tools of civilization và leverage them to gain control over the population?- Will you migrate your flochồng far, far away khổng lồ begin life anew?- Or maybe you"ll just turn everyone inlớn mindless, half-bird zombies and live lượt thích a tyrant king.The choice is yours in this "physics sandbox roguelite", featuring a rich phối of hand-crafted content & procedurally generated elements to create a unique experience each time you play.


Pigeon Simulator is an open development project.

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This means we"re going beyond typical "early access" lớn give sầu you deeper insight inlớn the development process & truly shape the direction of the game from as early on as we can comfortably vị. This will be a very transparent--maybe a little chaotic--fun process and we invite you khổng lồ join us!We"re currently building out a very flexible mix of core systems for Pigeon Simulator. Things like:- A procedural đô thị generator, including interiors & "dungeons."- An ambitious, physics-based destruction engine capable of major physics chaos.- A quality và flexible skill tree and ability structure we gọi "the DNA system" và "Stomach Alchemy".- An advanced "AI Storyteller", NPC relationship simulator, và Story Module system.- A chất lượng nội dung production pipeline to lớn help us bring crazy ideas to life as fast as we can as a 5 man team.- And tons of physics-based, pigeon pooping mayhem!In the coming months, we"ll be working directly with fans lượt thích you on various features of the game from concept, to rough prototyping, to lớn sweet polish. Our goal is lớn phối things up in a way that we can have an extensive amount of community involvement và implement tons of your ideas as we go.

For the most frequent updates, follow our new Twitter tài khoản

Wishlist & Follow here for a chance to lớn be included in our early alpha tests!


Hit that Follow Button Baby!

ALSO be sure khổng lồ cliông xã the Follow Button here on! We may offer exclusive sầu opportunities to the community later this year for things lượt thích thử nghiệm groups, feature votes, và more. Don"t miss out!

Thanks for stopping by! Help us spread the word about this game so we can make it as big & crazy as possible!


- HakJak


Guts và Glory v1.0 OUT NOW!Jul 19 2018News 4 comments

Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | Nintenvị Switch | Steam: Windows, Mac, Linux.


HakJak"s "Glorious" Live-StreamJun 23 2018News 4 comments

Join my first-ever live sầu stream today at 11:00am PST! - v1.0 sneak peek - Exploring tons of Community Tracks - Level Editor tips và tricks - Fun facts...


Guts & Glory is COMING TO CONSOLES!Feb 15 2018News 5 comments

Massive sầu v1.0 update coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, & maybe even Nintenvì chưng Switch sometime this Summer. In the meantime, here"s an update on Steam with...


A Glorious New YearJan 1 2018News

Huge update coming this Spring!Highlights of things to lớn come and Gọi for localization volunteers và bug reports.

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Guts and Glory v0.3.3 (Windows)Sep 15 2016Demo 97 comments

NEW v0.3.3! Earl the Rednechồng & his ATV are unlocked, plus new Tracks and DESTRUCTION! Also, improved controls, in-game bug reporting system, & general...

Guts and Glory v0.3.3 (Linux)Sep 15 2016Demo 9 comments

NEW v0.3.3! Earl the Redneông chồng và his ATV are unlocked, plus new Tracks and DESTRUCTION! Also, improved controls, in-game bug reporting system, and general...

Guts & Glory v0.3.3 (Mac)Sep 15 2016Demo 51 comments

NEW v0.3.3! Earl the Rednechồng and his ATV are unlocked, plus new Tracks và DESTRUCTION! Also, improved controls, in-game bug reporting system, và general...

Guts và Glory v0.3.2 (Linux)Jul 22 2016Demo 24 comments

Guts & Glory Pre-Alpha Build v0.3.2 for Linux (Has had minimal testing.) Race to lớn the finish line while everything tries khổng lồ kill you & you laugh about...

Guts và Glory v0.3.2 (Windows)Jul 22 2016Demo 279 comments

Guts and Glory Pre-Alpha Build v0.3.2 for Windows OS INSTRUCTIONS: Create new thư mục called "Guts and Glory". Un-ZIP. ALL of the files inkhổng lồ this thư mục...

Guts và Glory v0.3.2 (Mac)Jul 22 2016Demo 70 comments

Guts and Glory Pre-Altrộn Build v0.3.2 for Windows OS INSTRUCTIONS: Create new thư mục called "Guts và Glory". Un-ZIP ALL of the files into lớn this thư mục...

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