Hungry Shark World Mod Apk(MOD, Tiền không giới hạn)

App Name  Hungry Shark World
Publisher  Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre  kích hoạt, Arcade, Simulation
Size  120MB
Version MOD Latest  4.4.0
Unlimited Money/Stamina
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Update  July đôi mươi, 2021 (1 day ago)


1. Unlimited Money


MENU MOD1. Godmode 2. Unlimited coins3. Unlimited gems (Not working for power-ups)4. Unlimited pearls5. Splash pass unlocked6. Shark health drain removed (urn on before selecting map)7. Infinite shark boost (Turn on before selecting map)8. In-game items unlocked (including sharks)9. Ads removed

Sharks are one of the biggest fears of humans at sea. Thanks khổng lồ the influence of cinema, sharks are a real quái nhân image in the natural world. Taking advantage of this feature, the game makers also produce extremely good products about sharks. There are games where you will play the role of a human and avoid the pursuit of the shark. Hungry Shark World is the opposite, you are the shark – the horror of the ocean. Are you the most powerful shark? If yes, join this world to lớn prove it.

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Cruel hunting of sharks, hunting or dying’s

That right! The hunt of the shark in this game is so that it can survive the tormented hunger. In the game, your shark will have sầu to lớn constantly hunt to fill his life bar. There is a green bar in the upper right corner of the screen. It represents the remaining survival time of the shark. If this bar runs out, you will die, game over. Therefore, players must constantly control và eat all things on their way. At a certain màn chơi, you can finish the màn chơi & win. But before completing the quest, you are not allowed to lớn stop hunting.


How khổng lồ control the shark in the game is also very simple. You just need khổng lồ touch your screen with your finger and you can gain control. Then you move sầu your finger here, the shark will swyên accordingly. There is a little triông xã that you can touch anywhere on the screen to lớn gain control. Never touch your finger in the middle of the screen, doing so will make you thua thảm sight of yourself. Right below the screen is a bar called GOLD RUSH. It will automatically fill up when you constantly catch prey. When it is full, touching the bar will give your shark high speed, enhanced strength, and immunity lớn damage from several sources such as venom fish, booms.


Many types of sharks, updated in each version of

Hungry Shark World is a continuation of Hungry Shark Evolution so the sharks in this game will have improvements. They will be bigger, more ancient, cruel species. Sometimes, the sharks in the game also have mutations that the game introduces. They both have great strength, high speed, và greatly improved durability.

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Basically, the game will have 33 shark species to choose from. They will not be không tính phí, you only own a normal shark only. Stronger sharks will need khổng lồ be unlocked in different currencies. Coins, gems, pearls, … will be the currencies that you can store & use in this game. Depending on the rarity and the items that you can buy, these units will be used for different events và purposes. These types of monsters will be divided inlớn 8 different sizes, their kích cỡ will determine the remaining indicators. In general, the bigger the shark, the stronger, & the more expensive sầu.

Many places for you khổng lồ visit, hunt, và verify the power

The game will have many different levels for you khổng lồ overcome. This will be a game with many scenes with many different terrain characteristics. Each place will be designed terrain so that you have to lớn overcome many challenges to achieve sầu success. The difficulty of this game is that you have sầu to constantly hunt khổng lồ keep the Life Bar from running out. Smaller fish gain only a little more Life Points, larger prey produce bigger LP.. However, avoid tương tác with species larger than you. If you encounter them, you will be killed immediately.

The terrain in the game greatly determines whether you can survive sầu or not? If you reach wide seas with lots of fish & few traps, it is a fairly easy cấp độ. But, in the case of crowded sea, many caves, you will be very easy lớn be killed by the opponent, without food khổng lồ eat, then starved lớn death. Sometimes, hidden in the dark caves is a boom that makes your Life Points drop even faster.

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The stronger you are, the stronger your prey

Each species of Hungry Shark World will have sầu a màn chơi called evolution. Every time they collect enough EXP, they evolve into lớn a different form. After upgrading, they will become stronger, faster, causing greater damage. In general, this khung of nâng cấp allows you to vày things that previously could not be done. In addition, your fish can be equipped with additional equipment such as guns, turbines, lights, … to lớn increase its versatility in the game. In general, there are many ways lớn increase power, you should learn và play games.