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Legacy of Discord is a free-to-play Smartphone MMORPG where players engage in large, fast-paced PvPhường battles. Begin the journey as a simple Berserker, Sorceress, or Bladedancer, & climb the ladder lớn become an unstoppable force.

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Publisher: GTArcadePlayerbase: HighType: di động MMORPGRelease Date: September 21, 2016Pros: +Large-scale PvPhường battles. +Three classes with chất lượng skills. +Various weapon improvement systems.Cons: -No US release date announced. -Pay-to-win. -Poor voiceovers.



Legacy of Discord Overview

Enter the fray as a Sorceress, Bladedancer, or a Berserker in the fantastical world of Legacy of Discord, a free-to-play điện thoại MMORPG. Choose one of three gender-locked classes with distinct abilities and learn khổng lồ chain attacks for merciless and brutal combos. Acquire Wraithwings to lớn unloông xã special stats và attributes for your main character, such as a powerful fifteen-second evolution-like size. Dive into campaign quests given by NPCs for gold và experience, such as boss khủng Challenges và story quests. Work with a team of five players in 5v5 PvPhường & participate in large-scale free-for-all PvP battles where the last one standing wins. Get a pet lớn assist in battles by using pet shards, upgrading them to lớn change their appearance và combat capabilities. Collect gear of varying rarities, và improve it through Fusion, Enhancement, and Refinement. Join a guild and fight in intense, fast-paced Guild Wars where win conditions are either complete annihilation or most points in a time period.

Legacy of Discord Key Features:

Three Classes – piông chồng from a female Sorceress, a male Berserker, or a male Bladedancer, each with chất lượng abilities.

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Evolve sầu with Wraithwings – unlock Wraithwings lớn gain stat boosts & a powerful fifteen-second evolution.PvE Quests – take on PvE quests like the story campaign or the boss khủng Challenges.Weapon Improvement Systems – increase the stats of armor và weapons by Enhancing them, Refining them, and Fusing them. Each system requires different resources.

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Lots of PvP.. – choose from a variety of PvPhường options, such as Guild Wars, a 1v1 Arena, và the 5v5 Icefire Field.

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