Mermaid melody


Konamày released three Mermaid Melody games, all for the GBA. Two of them are rhythm games, và one is a Mario Party-style game. The first game, just called Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pibỏ ra Pitch, is a rhythm game.

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The game has several modes:

You have sầu the basic rhythm game mode where you pick a tuy vậy và a difficulty màn chơi. The game scores you out of 100 for each difficulty. For some songs, you can pichồng the singer between Lucia/Luphân tách, Hanon, & Rimãng cầu. Before you piông chồng a tuy vậy, alongside the difficulty, there are two options khổng lồ pick between and I never figured out what the heông xã the difference was even though I tried both.There is a mode where you play all of the songs in one go (this is considered the “kết thúc game” và the credits play after it).There’s three modes where you can connect with other players via those GBA connector cables. I don’t know anybody else with the game, so I have no idea what they bởi vì, and I couldn’t find much about them online. I think some are mini-games though.There’s a mode where you can make a tuy vậy from JP characters & Hippo will sing it, though there’s a mặc định tuy nhiên he can sing. The tuy vậy will ALWAYS be to lớn the rhythm of Yankee Doodle. What’s up with JP rhythm games and this song? The Project Diva games have it, too.There’s a mode where you can watch music videos, but only of songs you’ve sầu completed and saved the Clip. I wound up never doing this.There’s a settings thực đơn as well.

Here are the songs that are included:

Taiyou no Rakuen ~Promised Land~ (you can piông xã who sings this one)Legkết thúc of Mermaid (you can pichồng who sings this one)Super Love Songs! (you can pick who sings this one)Daiji mãng cầu Takarabako (Lucia/Luphân tách sings)Koi wa Nandarou (Lucia/Luphân chia sings)Splash Dream (Lucia/Luphân tách sings)Ever Blue (Hanon sings)Star Jewel (Rimãng cầu sings)

For a better explanation, I’d recommover this gamefaqs guide. It was super useful in figuring out why some modes didn’t work for me (the ones where you connect khổng lồ others lol).

The game is pretty easy. I got scores in the 90’s for all songs on my first try except one on the highest difficulty. I have played a bit of the second rhythm game và can say it’s significantly harder. My biggest complaint with the rhythm game aspect is that you have the directional buttons and the A và B button, but once you press them, they don’t disappear on the screen so you can’t tell if you actually hit them on time. The second rhythm game fixes this issue.

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The sound unique is pretty good considering it’s a GBA rhythm game. My GBA is well used though, so sometimes I’m confident I hit the notes but my buttons say otherwise.

The game saves automatically, which took me a bit lớn find out. I could not find anyway to delete the save sầu data for any of the Mermaid melody games. Luckily, this one didn’t have any data (or the seller erased it), but the second rhythm game everything is unlocked, so I’m saving playing it until I can find a way to erase it. So since you have to lớn buy these second-hand now, know that you might not be able lớn erase the data, at least not without the manual. I asked about it on reddit, so hopefully somebody toàn thân responds some day XD.

Should you play?:

If you like the music in the game, it’s really fun. It’s not very hard, and the sequel rhythm game is significantly better, but there’s nothing wrong with this one. Go ahead và get it if you like rhythm games, just know it isn’t very hard.