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I mostly play Ark on single player mode & I have sầu a very slow mạng internet connection on the system that Ark is installed on. so I was wondering if I could tải về the update files from somewhere Where I have sầu a good mạng internet connection & then apply the updates to the game.

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You don”t have sầu lớn be up-to-date khổng lồ play single player, even though most updates will help you with new nội dung và stability (LOLz for stability, though)

If you have someplace lớn download updates from, just install Steam there. With steam installed, use following steps to lớn update your game.

Start Steam và from the thực đơn bar on top, cliông xã on Steam to open steam thực đơn.Clichồng on Settings and go to lớn DOWNLOADS tab (select from left side pane)Cheông xã the Only auto-update games between: check-box and choose the hours late at night or any other time when your system will not be running (e.g. 2AM và 3AM)Clichồng OK khổng lồ save sầu & cđại bại the settings dialog.chú ý down the path of your steamapps folder where Ark is installedGo to steam libraryRight Cliông xã on Ark: Survival Evolved in the left pane và cliông xã on PropertiesGo lớn LOCAL FILES and clichồng on BROWSE LOCAL FILES…An explorer window will open. lưu ý the path in the address bar. It should be something like C:Program Files(x86)SteamsteampappscommonArkCopy Ark from your current (slow internet) machine into lớn a removable media (USB/external HDD etc.).Also copy the ứng dụng manifest tệp tin for Ark from steamapps thư mục. steamapps will be present 2 directories above the path that you noted above (e.g. C:Program Files(x86)Steamsteampapps)Attach the removable truyền thông media to the system with good mạng internet accessMake sure Steam isn”t running on the new systemCopy the ứng dụng manifest tệp tin into steamapps thư mục on the new system.Copy the Ark inlớn the its path (the one you noted above).Start Steam. Ark must appear as installed on the new system nowAgain right click on Ark: Survival Evolved, cliông xã on Properties and go khổng lồ same LOCAL FILES tabThis time click on VERIFY INTEGRITY OF LOCAL GAME FILES…. This will force start any updates. Let the game verify and update. It may take a while lớn completeOnce the game is updated, go baông chồng khổng lồ step 5, but this time copy from new system to your original system.

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Make sure that you stay up lớn date. Especially, you don”t want khổng lồ miss any major version tăng cấp. If you miss or skip updates, it is most likely that entire game will tải về again instead of patch files only.

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If you can spare disk space on the system with good internet, you can just permanently install Ark on it. Just keep copying it from time to lớn time khổng lồ your original machine. If you are not on lakiểm tra patch, you will not be able to see official servers, but that is not a concern if you play single player only.