The callbachồng is VHT’s original game-changing technology. We originated it 25 years ago và it’s still the foundation of how we help clients manage call volume. Using our approach of customer-centric hotline scheduling has long been the industry Mã Sản Phẩm for both efficiency and effectiveness when managing customer contacts on the voice channel.

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What is Callbachồng, anyway?


Customer Perception

Turn hold time into miễn phí time.

Change your customers’ perception of waiting for a điện thoại tư vấn. By giving customers the ability to request a callbaông xã in the IVR you let them feel respected và in control. Whether it’s two minutes or two hours, customers always prefer less on-hold time.

Queue Integrity

Keep that queue in line.

Mindful Callbaông xã keeps customer queue integrity and “holds their place in line.” Only VHT offers the ability to keep the caller’s place in the queue for callbaông chồng scheduling. If it doesn’t provide queue integrity then it’s not really callback.



Key performance indicators

Raise spirits and raise scores.

Brands that make callback a key strategy show significant gains in both CSAT & NPS scores for customer service. Using VHT’s Mindful platkhung delivers positive liên hệ center KPIs and improved CSAT / NPS scores. Using Callbaông chồng makes customers happier & more satisfied (and agents like it too).

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Customer experience

Fancy that, another chance.

Life’s unpredictable (surely you’ve noticed). That’s why we made sure you can give sầu your customers a Second Chance to request a Callbaông xã. Even if they chose to lớn stay on hold originally, things come up or they might change their minds. A Second Chance Callback is just the thing lớn shorten hold times và give customers more options.


Gọi Volume

Conquer those peaks!

Keep Call volume peaks from making staffing a struggle và customers stressed. Scheduled callbacks allow you to shift volume khổng lồ times better for staffing levels. Its creates more predictability for both agents và customers.


Just the way you lượt thích it

Our Mindful platform adjusts to your organization’s needs and to lớn the other software platforms you’re already using. You can even choose “customer first” or “agent first” Call engagement for callbachồng to fit your customer service strategies.

Try it out for yourself

In less than a minute you can see how see how callbaông xã works & simulate your customer’s experience.

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Try a Demo

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Send SMS text messages to customers over the same business lines you use for voice.