Chase's calendar of events 2017: the ultimate go

Starting at level 33, the farm helpers Rose and Ernest help you produce và collect goods in Hay Day -- so long as you remember to lớn mix them up.

Tired of checking your phone every time the eggs are ready to lớn be collected? Thankfully, you won"t be stuông xã with egg duty forever. Reaching farm cấp độ 33 unlocks the Farm Helpers -- an old couple named Rose and Ernest found living atop a cliff just lớn the East of your farm house.

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After watching you build your farm up from level 1 khổng lồ 33, Rose và Ernest finally decide they"re siông xã of retirement and want something to bởi vì. Rose is willing to lớn tover lớn the animals while Ernest is more than happy working the Dairy & Suger Mill.

Managing your Farm Helpers

They"ll get lớn work as soon as you assign some tasks to lớn them. In order lớn assign tasks, simply tap on their house, tap on Rose or Ernest, then choose the products you want them khổng lồ produce and hit confirm. Note that the higher màn chơi you are, the more products you"ll be able to lớn queue.Rose and Ernest are only equipped khổng lồ carry through with the tasks you"ve sầu given them. If they run out of crops or other such supplies needed for production, you"re expected khổng lồ grow or buy more so they can finish their job.Keep an eye on their task progress through the Farm Helper thực đơn at their house. Here you can view how cđại bại they are khổng lồ finishing their tasks và whether or not there are any complications. In the second tab, you can view what they"ve sầu got in storage. cảnh báo that whatever they collect goes into lớn their own storage & doesn"t effect your own, so you don"t need khổng lồ worry about Rose & Ernest taking up all your space.The Farm Helper"s storage is only as large as their queue, which gradually upgrades as you cấp độ up. The goods they produced remain in their storage even after their time has expired. You cannot transfer their goods to lớn your storage, however, the items in their storage always get used or sold before yours.Rose & Ernest"s services are free for the first week. After that, you must pay them for their time in Diamonds. 15 Diamonds net you 3 days, 30 Diamonds get you another week, and 55 Diamonds gets you 2 weeks. To keep them both working, they must be paid individually. There is a 10% discount that pops up occasionally, though, so keep an eye out.

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Rose tends lớn the animals on your farm. She feeds your Chickens, Pigs, Cows, Goats, & Sheep & collects their Eggs, Babé, Milk, Goat Milk, and Wool when they"re ready.She makes her own animal feed, too. Because it"s not the final sản phẩm, Animal Feed made by Rose exists in the void and neither takes up your storage space nor hers.You can customize Rose"s behavior by tapping on the cog wheel. Use this to lớn make sure she"s only making feed và feeding animals when you request, continually making feed but feeding animals only when you request, or continually making feed và feeding them until the crops run out.


Ernest works at the Dairy and Sugar Mill. Provided he has the materials, he produces Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Syrup, Cream, Butter, Cheese, & Goat Cheese.

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Once you reach màn chơi 33, start utilizing the Farm Helpers right away lớn get a good feel for them during your miễn phí week. After you get a feel for their efficiency, it"s up lớn you whether or not their services are worth the hefty price of Diamonds.