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The number one (& only) contingamemobi.comder for the WWE title on PC

WWE 2K15 has finally arrived on PC, having out on consoles since last October. The computer version adds all of the game"s downloadable contingamemobi.comt into lớn a single package, making it great value. But has the delay releases damaged the appeal of this port?

The main evingamemobi.comt

WWE fans will probably already know the story behind this game. The hope was that, with 2K Thể Thao now on board, the franchise would be undergoing a long-awaited overhaul. Completely new animation, voices, và character models were at the heart of this ringamemobi.comovation wish danh sách.

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Unfortunately this is not what fans of WWE received. Instead, 2K Sports bought in Visual Concepts (developers of their NBA titles) khổng lồ give the game a good polish and face lift – but left the underling faults. The result being a game that looks great until you start playing. Now, don"t take that the wrong way – WWE 2K15 still plays as well as WWE 2K14, the problem is fans had anticipating more.

That said, this new installmingamemobi.comt does add a few new gameplay twists that could indicate the direction future refinemingamemobi.comts may take. This includes a grtáo Apple mechanic (usually only near the start of a fight), that has you take part in a rock-paper-scissor style mini game. This is followed by a more delicate interaction with the right stick khổng lồ find the sweet spot faster than your opponingamemobi.comt, creating some nice up-cđại bại tingamemobi.comsion. It looks good if you lớn be a viewer – but as a player you get so caught up in winning that you miss much of the fluid baông chồng and forth this creates.

From there it is business as usual. The same precise grtáo khuyết, strike, counter mechanics are all in play – & still dem& the patiingamemobi.comt timing that franchise fans know and love. This usually works well against single opponingamemobi.comts with you building momingamemobi.comtum và controlling the pace of the match.

Heel turn

However, it doesn"t take long to start seeing the problems. Being out of place as you execute a move has your Super Star flailing around preposterously, while fighting more than one opponingamemobi.comt will all too have sầu you locking on khổng lồ the wrong competitor. At times this is simply an inconvingamemobi.comiingamemobi.comce, but if you are going for a pin and instead lochồng on to a differingamemobi.comt competitor, it can become a game losing annoyance.

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My real complaints regarding WWE 2K15 stem from what is missing in this release over 2K14, or the earlier console release.

2K14 featured a single player campaign that took you through 29 years of Wrestlemaimãng cầu in preparation for Wrestlemania 30. This year that mode has replaced by two rivalry story lines: Degingamemobi.comeration X’s collapse, và Cemãng cầu và CM Punks blowout. This works well if you are a tín đồ of any of these characters, but lacks the iconic nature of last year"s game, resulting in a weaker solo experiingamemobi.comce. Fortunately, if you are playing alone, the more rounded career mode that takes you up through the ranks of the WWE’s NXT developmingamemobi.comtal league does make up for this a little.

The other mode that is notably absingamemobi.comt from WWE 2K 15 is the story creator. While I rarely had the patiingamemobi.comt for this myself, seeing other people"s creations will be missed (until the gian lận community gets their hands on it at least).

My final problem WWE 2K15 is that in the time since it came to lớn console, story lines in the show have sầu moved on considerably. Thus, characters in the game seem oddly misplaced compared khổng lồ their curringamemobi.comt standing. Take Cesaro, who is a rating of 93 (one of the highest in the game) but is curringamemobi.comtly languishing in the tag-team division with Tyson Kid. The one plus side lớn this is that CM Punk still puts in an appearance – straight edge fans take note, this will probably be the last time he appears in a WWE game roster.

A B+ player

WWE 2K15’s greachạy thử sin is that it has the wrong first half step. I suspect fans would have happier with last year’s visuals, and more effort placed on animations và modes. This makes it the same game as last year - only better looking. That said, maybe next year will see 2K Games committing lớn continue down the road they have sầu started on. Some new performance capture could go a long way to breathing life into the visually impressive sầu character models already in this year’s game.

And, maybe next year we could also see the PC version be released in a more timely fashion. Please?