Facebook bans seven ‘cyber mercenary’ companies from its platforms

Facebook users are being locked out of their accounts for failing lớn respond to a message some mistook for spam.

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People who realized the warning is actually real have since tried khổng lồ follow the social network’s instructions — but an issue is apparently preventing them from regaining access.

A notice was sent to selected accounts deemed at particular risk from hackers, telling them to enable an enhanced security feature called Facebook Protect.

Many were given a March 17 deadline to lớn set it up themselves or face having their tài khoản locked until it’s done.

It’s possible some thought the message was a scam, so ignored it.

The unusual e-mail address used, security
facebookmail.com, probably didn’t help matters.

After the deadline passed, users were told they had lớn switch on Facebook Protect to lớn get in.

However, those who went ahead with it claim the setup system is broken — meaning they are still locked out.

Facebook users lost access to lớn their accounts và many were unable to fix the issue.AFP via Getty Images

Apparently, the authentication tools — such as a text message lớn prove it’s you — are not working.

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“I got locked out from Facebook indefinitely today because I didn’t respond lớn emails from FB (that looked like a scam) about its new Facebook Protect system, which I was required lớn enable by today,” one usersaid.

“So far, the text & security key options don’t work, many report.”

Another complained onTwitter, saying: “This Facebook Protect thing is so annoying because it’s not letting me turn it on & I need Facebook for work so I’m really hoping Facebook fixes the stupid code.”

Facebook Protect is a special monitoring program for people at heightened risk of being targeted by hackers.

This includes those working in human rights, journalists and government officials.

Facebook owner Meta has been approached by the Sun for comment.

The Facebook warnings came from an unusual thư điện tử address, security

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This story originally appeared on the Sun & has been reproduced here with permission.