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Candy Crush Saga is just as sweet as the delicious treats it features, & twice as addictive. What started out as a basic Bejeweled clone that you could play right in your website browser now vies for your attention, và your money, on the mạng internet, Facebook, your tablet, and even on your phone.

Even though Candy Crush is totally không tính phí to lớn play, it can actually turn into lớn one of the most expensive sầu habits you"ll ever have. The developer, King, is able to support a free-to-play game lượt thích this by selling in-app purchases lượt thích extra lives and boosters.

If you want khổng lồ climb all the way lớn the top of the leaderboards without spending a lot of cash, it"s important lớn take advantage of all the Candy Crush cheats, tips, tricks, và advanced strategies available khổng lồ you, and we"ve sầu pulled them all together right here.

Cheats in Candy Crush

While there are some ways to cheat the system in Candy Crush, it"s extremely important lớn note that services and programs that promise khổng lồ hachồng your Candy Crush game or give you không tính phí lives, boosters, gold, or anything else, are almost always scams.

Never download anything, or sign up for any service, from any source that you don"t trust, even if it does promise lớn give sầu you không tính phí lives or allow you to lớn skip Candy Crush levels. Even if one of these services did work, King could ban your trương mục if it was discovered, & you would đại bại all your hard work.


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Candy Crush Saga gets punishingly difficult as you move sầu higher & higher inkhổng lồ the levels, and buying boosters can get extremely costly. If you want lớn make the most of your lives or get some không tính phí lives in a pinch, we"ve pulled together some of the best Candy Crush tips and tricks to lớn help you boost your scores.

Start your candy crushing at the bottom. When you create matches near the bottom of the cấp độ, you can easily create chain reactions to destroy more pieces & get a bunch of points. Creating matches at the top is unlikely khổng lồ have sầu this effect.

Don"t follow suggestions blindly. If you don"t make a move for a while, the game will look for a match and then show it khổng lồ you by making the candies shake. This is useful, especially for younger và newer players, but don"t automatically use these matches. A lot of the time, you"ll be able to find a better match on your own.

Try khổng lồ think ahead when possible. If you just make every match you can see without thinking, you"ll fail the harder levels. Look at how the candies are laid out & think about the moves you can make to lớn create a situation where you can make a color bomb or get pieces into place to lớn clear jellies or other threats.

Learn how khổng lồ make, and use special candies. Matching three candies together only clears those candies, but matching four or five creates a special candy. These special candies are the key to lớn beating harder levels.

Look for combos, and use the best ones. Combos, like swiping a color bomb into lớn a striped candy, are extremely powerful. If you can maneuver special candies together, they do a whole lot more good together than they would alone.

Use & make striped candy the right way. Striped candy can have horizontal or vertical stripes. The direction you swipe your finger lớn create the candy matches the direction of the stripes, and the candy will clear a line horizontally or vertically that matches its stripes.

Prioritize specific threats at each level. Don"t just make any old match you can. If a level has specific threats, like licorice or jelly, then take care of them first. If you don"t, you may run out of moves before you can clear the level. If the level has chocolate, go after that first.

Focus on edge jellies. It"s harder to make matches on the edges, so if you have threats lượt thích jellies on the edge of the board, try to clear them first.

Don"t move sầu ingredients to lớn the edges. Since it"s harder lớn make matches on the edges, you should also avoid moving ingredients to lớn the edges. Always leave sầu, or move, ingredients into a column where you will be able lớn drop them onto a green arrow.

Understand how chocolate works, & khuyễn mãi giảm giá with it first. Chocolate is a creeping menace that expands lớn take over more squares each time you make a match anywhere on the board that doesn"t clear chocolate. To clear chocolate, make a match that includes any of the four candies immediately above sầu, below, to lớn the left, or lớn the right of the chocolate. Use special candies, like color bombs, if you need khổng lồ.

Look for extra time candies. If you see candies with a +5 icon, try to lớn include them in a match. These are extra time candies, & they show up in timed levels. If you can use one in a match, you get five extra seconds.

Use your boosters sparingly. You will earn boosters as you play, & you can also pay money for them. Save these powerful tools for tough levels, or you won"t have sầu them when you need them.

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Reshuffle especially difficult levels. While the layout và goals of a level are set in stone, the positions of individual candies are totally random. If you start a màn chơi and don"t lượt thích the layout of the candies, you can bachồng out without losing a life if you haven"t made any moves. Start the cấp độ again, and you might have sầu better positioning.

Finish levels with extra moves left for more points. If you still have sầu moves left when you finish a cấp độ, jelly fish or striped candies will pop up and earn you more points. The more moves, the more chance that this will trigger a massive sầu cascade of extra points.

Set the date forward on your thiết bị di động device lớn get không tính phí lives. If you"re having trouble và đại bại all your lives, and you"re playing on a mobile device, you can set the date on your device forward one day lớn get five sầu more lives.


Candy Crush is a match three game at its heart, which means you play by matching sets of at least three similar candies to lớn destroy them & earn points. It"s extremely easy to lớn pick up, but Candy Crush Saga throws a lot of extra sweet stuff inkhổng lồ the set, so it"s important to lớn get the basics down if you want khổng lồ beat the harder levels.

In addition lớn the basic idea of matching three candies, matching more than three candies in specific combinations does something pretty neat. Instead of totally destroying the candies, they leave behind one of three types of powerful special candies that can help get you out of some sticky situations.

What it does: Clears an entire vertical or horizontal line.How to get it: Match four candies in a horizontal or vertical line.How to lớn use it: Create a match using the striped candy.
What it does: Destroys all eight candies surrounding it.How khổng lồ get it: Match five sầu candies in an L or T shape.How to lớn use it: Create a match using the wrapped candy.
What it does: Destroys every single piece of candy of one color.How to get it: Match five candies in a horizontal or vertical line.How khổng lồ use it: Swipe it onkhổng lồ a candy of any color lớn destroy all candies that match that color.

Keep an eye out for ways to create these patterns, and you"ll have a much easier time beating difficult levels.


Special candies are great at helping clear tough levels, but you can full bộ them together to achieve even more powerful effects. One of the most important secrets khổng lồ learning Candy Crush is learning what each combination does so you can maneuver your special candies inkhổng lồ place & unleash massive sầu combos.

Striped Candy + Wrapped Candy: Instead of clearing a single vertical or horizontal line, or just clearing the surrounding eight candies, this full bộ clears three lines both horizontally & vertically.Striped Candy + Màu sắc Bomb: The second most powerful full bộ, this turns every single candy that matches the color of your striped candy into lớn a new striped candy, and they all activate at once.Màu sắc Bomb + Color Bomb: The most powerful combo in the game, this literally clears every single thành công in the cấp độ.
màu sắc Bomb + Wrapped Candy: All of the jellies that match the color of the wrapped candy turn into wrapped candies & explode at once. This is the weakest color bomb full bộ, but it"s still more powerful than a color bomb by itself.Wrapped Candy + Wrapped Candy: Destroys the eight surrounding candies, then does it again after new candies have settled in place.Striped Candy + Striped Candy: Clears everything in both a horizontal và vertical line.

Now that you know what all of the special candies and combinations can bởi, let"s take a closer look at making the special candies.

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How to Make Color Bombs

Color bombs are tremendously powerful, so it"s important to lớn always be on the lookout for ways to lớn make them. They aren"t that tough to make, but they usually won"t just fall in your lap.