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While being popular as Asia financial hub, Tokyo nightlife has all sort of wonders to offer. If you are headed there, you might want to lớn take a minute and read this guide on where to meet và have sầu ‘fun’ with the ever smiley girls in Tokyo.quý khách hàng đang xem: Channel hot girl tokyo

f you want khổng lồ meet local girls in Tokyo for không tính phí,kiểm tra out this article.

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Like any pro womaniser will tell you, landing a xinh đẹp Japanese girl need some skill. Sure you need lớn work on your pick up lines, but at the end of the day, you need khổng lồ position yourself in the right place lớn lvà a beautiful Tokyo girl.

I’m here lớn tell you where to lớn drag your net. From the streets, bars, karaoke, tea house khổng lồ the most happening clubs in Tokyo join me for this exclusive sầu guide on where khổng lồ meet girls.


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Girls in Tokyo Streets

When I mention the word street, prostitutes pops into lớn ones your mind. While this is the case in a majority of other Asian countries, we get something different from Japan keeping in mind prostitution is illegal here.

In Tokyo, the tide is better between 11 PM và 1 AM. In fact, people have sầu dubbed it the magic hour. For girls looking lớn hook up with a random guy, it easy. For men, well you need lớn put more effort that eying a girl.

Here is how khổng lồ vì chưng it like a pro. Be in any of these train stations between the indicated times. You need to strike a conversation with a girl you like. Keep it normal, i.e., ask her how her day was, mention that you plan khổng lồ hang out and suggest that she should join you.

For a raise, your probability of success, make the conversation exciting but decent. If the Tokyo girl likes you she will accept the invite. If not keep your head high & try with another one.

Some of the popular street to lớn hit on pretty girls in Tokyo include Roppongi, Ginza, Shinjuku, and Shibuya.

Tokyo girls can be hard to lớn meet as many don’t have great English you may want to lớn try Osaka girls due lớn it being a uni town and girls are more open lớn westerns.

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Bars girls

Japan might not be much of a bar country, but you can still score with sexy local chics here. If you want khổng lồ pay for sex then check out my article on the best soaplands of Tokyo. and my guide on Japanese hookers.


The HUB is a trendy bar known for time worth hook-up late in the night. The girls are foreigner friendly, và the beer price is reasonable.


Girls often outnumber men with the girls eyeing bankers & businessmen. The girls here are most friendly increasing your chance to lớn have sầu one spkết thúc the night with you.

Other bars to lớn check out include Geronimo Short bar, R2, và Tusk.

Plan to lớn visit Kyoto? Read my guide on girls in Kyolớn.

Club girls

Clubs have sầu never disappointed in meeting wild & fun loving girls. Girls in Tokyo might not give sầu such an impression when you meet in the street but boy, vị they know how khổng lồ các buổi tiệc nhỏ.


Tokyo nightclubs are not disappointing either setting a platkhung for men like us to hook up with the best girls Tokyo has khổng lồ offer. Tokyo clubs are categorized into lớn two:

Social club

Social clubs are best known for club hoppers. They have sầu best weekend events, so pretty girls in Tokyo must hop in at least once before calling it a night. Once you get here blover in. Make friends with everyone và try & love the music.

Meat market clubs

Spot a girl you lượt thích, initiate a chat, offer to lớn buy drinks và keep visiting the dance floor. If you notice she love hype get naughty and suggest that you both finish the night at your hotel.

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Some of the pickup lines include: “where is the bar,” “That is my favorite artist” or offer to lớn request her favourite international tuy vậy.

Here are the recommended club in Tokyo:

In Roppongi: V2, Ivy, Ele Tokyo

In Shibuya: T2, Harlem, Gas Panic, Womb và Vision.

Most of these clubs open until 5 AM. Best time khổng lồ visit is around 11 am.

There are very few ladyboys in nhật bản if you’re inlớn that.


Karaoke doesn’t score high as a place to meet girls in Tokyo. However, if you know how khổng lồ hit fast at chics, it will work out great.

You have sầu minutes lớn hit on girls as they visit their restroom. When you spot a sexy girl, strike a conversation và invite her to your private room.

If she comes over to lớn your kingdom, get more adventurous. Buy drinks, flirt và keep things interesting và you will taste her goodies.

Karaoke places lớn meet xinh tươi and young girls include Shidax, Karaokekan, and Uta-Hirocha.


Cafes are the best place to lớn meet decent girls in Tokyo. While there are tons of cafes in Tokyo, two are outstanding when it comes khổng lồ meeting xinh tươi Tokyo girls.

Starbucks, particularly the one on the 2nd floor of Tsutaya comes top. There are plenty of hot girls passing here for a cup of coffee after work. The setup is cthua trận allowing you lớn interact easily.

Wired café is another trendy café in Tokyo. It located near a cửa hàng selling girly magazines. Buy a cup of coffee & pretkết thúc to lớn be working on your máy tính. Meanwhile, you should be checking out the many đáng yêu girls trying khổng lồ select or reading these magazines.

Dating sites

If you are not good at walking up to beautiful girls và initiating a conversation, then you can try dating sites in Tokyo. While there và many dating sites in Tokyo, JapanCupid has a high success rate.

This makes JapanCupid the best dating site in Tokyo offering its member incredible opportunities to lớn meet lovely girls in Tokyo for singles. The girls here are fun khổng lồ chat with and subscribing is không lấy phí.

Simply sign up và get a chance to lớn hook up with any of the more than 500,000 girls in nhật bản.

So if you land your dream girl where vị you take her for a hot, wet night?

Love sầu hotel aka Dogenzaka – You can find these rooms in Shinjuku và Shibuya. You might need a backup place in case you plan khổng lồ use one late night.Karaoke rooms – You need lớn be bold to use these rooms. Ensure there are no cameras. If yes, cover it with your court. Don’t get caught!Your hotel – there are plenty of khách sạn in Tokyo. You can take your catch here but ensure everything valuable is locked away safe.You can also get creative e. g a dark stairwell, a rooftop, an alley, etc. as long as they are safe.

My take on hooking up with local girls in Japan

Japanese girls are not explicit about sex. You need to be crafty khổng lồ convince them to leave sầu & escort you baông xã to lớn your khách sạn.

If you want to meet local girls in Tokyo for không tính tiền,kiểm tra out this article.

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If you vibe a girl & she seems not receptive sầu, don’t give up. Consider changing the venue & keep trying as your best night in nhật bản is always around the corner. Don’t forget to cốt truyện with us your Japan experience with girls in Tokyo in the bình luận box below.