Review: love at first sight

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a game by Creepy Cute
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 Review
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 7 votes
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I have played many visual novel games and Love at First Sight here is one that has stuông xã with me for a few days after I had finished it. Look I get that a visual novel style game is not for everyone & I can understvà that. What I will say before we jump into this is that this is a 100 percent visual novel and there is not really anything in terms of gameplay here at all. Thankfully, the story is done well enough that it is worth checking out.

A New Beginning

One of the things that is very, very common in visual novel games is that the protagonist be it male or female is someone who moves khổng lồ a new school. That is the case here as the main character is a young man called, Mamoru who has just moved schools & is trying khổng lồ figure things out. It is a kind of situation that we can all probably relate khổng lồ in some way and that handled well here.

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New Friends And More

The name Love sầu at First Sight is rather interesting. As you would expect, Mamoru is going khổng lồ have sầu a “love sầu interest” however, he does also make some new friends in Akemi and Tomoyori. I actually really liked the relationship & banter between these two và they are two good friends khổng lồ Mamoru.

Mamoru is getting on quite good at his new school, but one day he hears someone crying. Here he finds Sachi who is a girl with a massive sầu eye! That is right, she is a kind of cyclops. Her appearance is designed khổng lồ capture you off guard và it does & this is explained in the story. However, Mamoru cannot get this strange girl out of his head and as a reader neither can you. There is something very captivating about her and you want to lớn know more.

The story is very well written và the fact that Sabỏ ra has bruises và scars is something you bởi get lớn the bottom of và it is quite the reveal. I must say that the visuals are excellent here và vị connect you lớn the characters more.

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It Is All About The Story

There are no choices khổng lồ be made here which may make some people kiểm tra out. I think that the story is strong enough to overcome this, but I vì think having a choice or two lớn make would have perhaps made me even more invested. The game is only around two hours long as well so it is a tad on the short side.


Love at First Sight is a game (well I should say story) that I really did like. The whole game is all about the story & I get that is not to lớn everyone’s taste. I found Sabỏ ra to lớn be a very interesting character to lớn read about. The game looks great & it is a rather quiông chồng read. Of course, the laông chồng of any interactivity along with the short length is going to be a huge negative sầu for some people.

Final Score: 7.5/10


The game has some very interesting charactersI love the art style that is usedSađưa ra is a very interesting love sầu interestThe story is rather dark & hard-hittingYou can finish it in one sitting


There is no interactivity here at allThe short length may not sit well with some