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If your mouse has a Macro Record button, you can record macros while you are running a program or playing a game. You can edit these macros later using the Macro Editor in the Mouse và Keyboard Center.

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Note: You cannot capture mouse movement or actions performed through macros reassigned to a button/key.

Record a macro

Start the application or game where you want khổng lồ record the macro.

Press the Macro Record button on the mouse. The Macro Record button will change khổng lồ a steady glow. The LCD on the mouse will display the Press Target Mouse Button icon.

Press the mouse button to lớn which you will assign the macro. The Macro Record button will blink. The mouse LCD will display the Recording Now icon.

Perform the actions you want to record. The Macro Recorder will capture events such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, và delays between actions. It will not capture mouse movement or macros assigned khổng lồ reassignable keys. The Macro Record button will blink while you are recording your macro.

When you have finished recording your macro, press the Macro Record button again. The macro will be saved và the Macro Record button and LCD will turn off.


You cannot assign macros lớn the primary click button, or the DPI On-the-fly buttons, the Quick Launch button, or the Macro Record button itself.

Edit a macro

Click the button or key you’ve configured to run the macro.

From the danh mục of macros that display under Macro, select the one you want khổng lồ edit.

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Click Edit to open the Editor.

Make the changes you want.

Click Back to save the macro and return lớn the previous screen.

Play a macro

Press the button or key assigned to lớn play the macro.

Cancel a macro during playback

Press the button or key assigned to lớn the macro again, or start another macro.

Toggle a repeating macro

After you enable Macro Repeat for a macro, press the key assigned khổng lồ the macro to lớn start it.

Press the key again khổng lồ stop the macro from repeating.Or, lớn stop the repeating macro và start another macro, press the button or key assigned to the other macro.

Use “press và hold” for a repeating macro

After you enable Macro Repeat for a macro, press & hold the key assigned to the macro to lớn start it.

Release the key to stop the macro from repeating.



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