How to activate ms office 2016 free without product key using cmd


How to lớn Activate Office năm 2016 Permanently Offline Free 2022 – Microsoft Office is a software that is very helpful in office work. But unfortunately, there are still many who vì not know how to lớn activate Office 2016 on their laptops và computers, even though activating Microsoft Office is very easy.

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Activate Office 2016 using KMS tự động hóa Lite
KMS tự động hóa Lite is software that is able to lớn activate Office 2016 easily and permanently. Although the kích cỡ of this software is only 3 MB, its function is very useful & has proven quite powerful.

How lớn activate the năm 2016 office with KMSauto:

After that, extract the RAR file.Run the software with Run as administrator.When the software opens, click the Tools menu tab.Check the Convert Office 2010/2013/2016 RETAIL => VL box.In the Main window select the Install GVLK option and kiểm tra Forcibly.Then click the Office key.Wait for the KEY INSTALLED SUCCESSFUL message khổng lồ appear.Finally, click the Activate Office button.

If the message in the description box displays SUCCESSFUL ACTIVATION, then Microsoft Office năm 2016 has been successfully activated. This software can also be used for permanent Windows activation.

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Note: Make sure you use software that matches the specifications of the máy tính or computer. If you are using Windows 64-bit, then use the 64-bit activator as well.

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So, friends, these above how to lớn activate MS office năm nhâm thìn permanently can be tried at Microsoft Office on your máy vi tính or Windows computer.

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