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December 9, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Puffin Browser Pro

FREE $4.99
Android 4.4Network required

Puffin Browser Pro is priced $ 4.99 on Google Play, you might consider downloading it for không tính phí on ingamemobi.com.

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Introduce about Puffin Browser Pro

Introduce about Puffin Browser Pro

Of course, Puffin Browser Pro is not an outstanding website browser lượt thích Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But this is a really good website browser. It offers incredible performance with outstanding data processing and loading tốc độ compared to Chrome and other website browsers. With CloudMosa’s leading cloud technology, Puffin Browser Pro is the mặc định web browser for your Android phone.

Puffin Browser Pro is a paid web browser, you have to pay $ 4.99 lớn tải về it from Google Play. But this browser has hundreds of millions of users, with tens of millions of users using the paid version. Why vì chưng people choose Puffin Browser Pro? Let me find out some of its outstanding features through the article below.

Web browser at lightning speed

Puffin Browser Pro is developed by CloudMosa Inc, a US-based công nghệ company. The owner of this company is Shioupyn Shen. They tested the cloud-coding technology for the Puffin website browser development, & great, it offers incredible performance. Puffin browser loads pages, loading content, truyền thông files & javascript faster than normal browsers. Only thing, when browsing, the user’s IP.. is IPhường. in the cloud. Some websites consider you a proxy hệ thống.


If Chrome users are always complaining about the web browser always taking up too much RAM và resources of the phone, you never encounter the same situation when using Puffin Browser Pro.

Protect your data from hackers

Sometimes, we often choose lớn work in cafes khổng lồ change workspaces. You must use public wifi spots to lớn browse the website and send data. This is a good opportunity for hackers to lớn steal your personal information because public wifi spots have sầu not too tight security. Puffin Browser Pro will take care of all your worries. This website browser encrypts your data before sending it lớn the cloud.

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If you use the anonymous website browsing tab, the tiện ích creates an exclusive sầu session when you use it, it will be deleted as soon as you cthảm bại the phầm mềm or disconnect from the internet. Therefore, you can rest assured that your device is not stolen by hackers or malware.

Save sầu bandwidth when browsing the web

In addition lớn the above sầu advantages, by saving data in the cloud, Puffin Browser Pro helps users lớn browse the website 90% more economical than normal browsers. However, if you watch the đoạn Clip or live sầu stream, the browser consumes more bandwidth than usual. Anyway, it’s enough for Puffin Browser Pro for essential entertainment needs like listening to music, reading newspapers, surfing social networks, …

With data saving mode, you can customize some parameters about photos và videos to help the browser load faster & more economically. Even if you connect via wifi, this mode works as usual. If you don’t care about the bandwidth saving problem, you can turn it off in the settings.

Supports gamepad & trackpad

Puffin Browser Pro supports Adobe Flash, although it was discontinued this year due khổng lồ a number of security issues. Besides, the browser also supports Gamepad and virtual Trackpad, allowing you khổng lồ play Flash games smoothly & easily on Android devices. The trackpad is a máy vi tính feature that makes browsing và scrolling easy & convenient.

Desktop mode

Some websites offer a better user experience when you browse the website with your PC. With Desktop Mode, Puffin Browser Pro will help you khổng lồ browse the website in Desktop mode even if you are using a điện thoại phone.

No more being bothered by advertising

Video ads, pop-up ads & dozens of ads on websites that annoy you? No need to search for browser ad-blocking plugins lượt thích you would use Chrome, Puffin Browser Pro automatically blocks ads for you, in order lớn provide you with a smooth experience.

Some features of Puffin Browser Pro

Fast page loading speedTheater Mode for Flash videos và gamesDownload Javascripts fastDesktop and sản phẩm điện thoại browsing modesBlocking adsVirtual touchpad và keyboardAutomatically delete all session history, cookies when you use an anonymous website browsing tab

Download Puffin Browser Pro APK không lấy phí for Android

With a host of outstanding features và advantages, Puffin Browser Pro deserves lớn be the mặc định website browser for your Android phone. It provides excellent performance và experience for users. Developed by leading experts who worked at Microsoft & Google, they are always trying lớn improve this browser with the ambition lớn become the number 1 web browser in the future.