Shadow fight 2 max level 52 mod apk download

Download Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 Mod Achiến đấu version 2.14.0 with unlimited energy, coins, gems, all weapons và maps unlocked, new cheat thực đơn.

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Shadow Fight 2 have different levels when you play the game on your Android phone or tablet, but in this case i know you are looking for Max cấp độ 52 of Shadow Fight 2 Mod, Which is completely available on this website. 

Yes, it is now possible lớn jump from Level 1 of Shadow Fight 2, khổng lồ Level 52 easily, but you have khổng lồ restore a “Save sầu File” for Shadow Fight 2 Ađánh nhau + Obb or Even the older version of the game with single Apk install.

However i will advice you to lớn also install Google Play Games on your Android phone or tablet so that you will save in game Levels, that’s mean you are backing up all your Shadow Fight 2 Mod files to lớn Play Games.

Backing up Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 data is important in case you mistakenly uninstall the game from your Android device or if there is a new update.

All skills in Shadow Fight 2 Mod Max Level 52 Hachồng can be easily unlocked by you, you don’t need to lớn reach a certain màn chơi before it can be fully unlocked.


Enchantment items such as Throwing Daggers, Shurikens, Assassin’s Kunai, Kunai, Harvesters of souls, Hunters Knife, Star knife, Steel knife, Silver Shurikens etc can be unlocked with unlimited amount of gems or coins available in the game easily.

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Features Of Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52

Here, you will read about the most important features of Max Level 52 Mod or hack version of Shadow Fight 2 for Android.

Below are the highlighted features:

All world maps unlocked with ability khổng lồ add more maps for additional game play.Unlimited amount of gems và coins to lớn easily unloông chồng all enchantments, robes etc.Easily learn new fighting skills by unlocking new combination of skills available.Save progress to lớn Google play games automaticallyFull Max Level 52 which us 100% working on all Android device.Working Save Files to push you to lớn Max màn chơi 52.

Download Latest Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 Apk + Obb

You have read khổng lồ the section where you can now download the required files which will enable you khổng lồ get the lakiểm tra Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 for real.

Download Mod Menu Max Level 52 Shadow Fight 2 

Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 Mod Menu 2.14.0 Avõ thuật (145 MB) Cliông xã on the Mod Menu và enable the following:

Unlimited MoneyUnlimited GemsUnlimited EnergyMax Player LevelDumb AIOne Hit One Kill.

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Then play one or first match and the mods above will be enabled.

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