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Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up lớn take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.
Critics Consensus: A breezily unpredictable blend of teen romance và superhero action, Spider-Man: Far from Home stylishly sets the stage for the next era of the MCU.

Far From trang chủ is light và zippy enough khổng lồ distract you from its modest advances for the characters và franchise.



Easily the best Spidey outing since Spider-Man 2, go in as cold as you can and enjoy the epic and emotional rollercoaster ride through a multiverse of movies.


They swung for the fences on this one, & they knocked it out of the park. It's action-packed, it's actually very funny, & there are some emotional scenes as well.

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Tom Holland once again excels as Peter Parker/Spider Man. He manages khổng lồ bring just the right mixture of innocence, charm, and uncertainty.

...the saving grace of humour has rescued many Marvel movies and just about glues this one together...

After the near-perfect fun of Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far from trang chủ is a big letdown. While still completely watchable for anyone who loves these types of movies, it makes for a less-than-satisfying experience overall.

Far From Home's sleight-of-hand pulls off effective and high-impact twists and turns, even when you see them coming.

Parents need to know that Spider-Man: Far from home is the first post-Avengers: Endgame movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; it works as both an epilogue to that saga và as a bridge khổng lồ future films. Starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, the tween-friendly sequel to lớn Spider-Man: Homecoming -- which takes place on a high school trip lớn Europe -- deals with the aftermath of the Big Snap và other major losses, but it's also fun & comical. Expect a bit more action violence than in Homecoming, even accounting for eventual twists và turns that reveal that not everything (including the violence) is what it seems. And some of the đoạn clip game-like battle scenes are literally dizzying. Characters are injured và shot at, there's massive destruction (much caused by super-strong water/fire/air monsters), và Spider-Man is so wounded that he looks battered and requires medical attention. Occasional strong language includes "d--kwad," "bulls--t," "bitch," và one cut-off "what the f--k." There's a jokey reference lớn a pay-per-view adult movie that many kids will miss, & Peter is shirtless and changes in a few scenes. Romance includes flirting, lots of discussion about liking someone/dating, & some hand-holding and a few brief kisses. The cast is realistically diverse for a thủ đô new york City high school và includes characters of various backgrounds và sizes. As with all superhero movies, the themes focus on power & responsibility, leadership, courage, confidence, perseverance, & rising up to lớn face your destiny. Note: This reviews is for the original theatrical version of the film; an extended cut is also available và may include additional nội dung not covered here.