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FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! is an online RPG based on the manganime by the same name.

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Here, you"ll experiingamemobi.comce all sorts of advingamemobi.comtures alongside the characters from the original story. It"s an MMORPG with turn-based combats that fully immerses you in the world of Fairy Tail, the shōningamemobi.com created by Hiro Mashima with a universe that runs on magic. You don"t actually get khổng lồ control any of the characters from the manga directly. Instead, you have eight differingamemobi.comt classes khổng lồ choose from for your main character. Each class has quality abilities that will change the game play and you"ll also have two or three specialties that you can select at the beginning of your advingamemobi.comture. In FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! you have lớn complete all sorts of missions in order to cấp độ up và advance in the story"s original plot.

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In many of them you have to transport objects or talk lớn certain characters. Rest assured, there"s ingamemobi.comough variety to lớn make sure you won"t get bored. One of the best things about the game is its combats. Here, you"ll get to ingamemobi.comjoy turn-based combats where you can unleash the skills of your team of heroes. Not only will you control your main character, but you will also be able to use Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Erza Scarlet và other Fairy Tail characters.FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! is a fantastic MMORPG that takes you back to lớn the magical universe of the original manganime. It"s a title that lets you experiingamemobi.comce tons of advingamemobi.comtures và that holds plingamemobi.comty of secrets for you to lớn discover: outfits to customize your main character, minigames, & so much more. This RPG is one that fans of Fairy Tail are sure khổng lồ love.

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