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FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! is a turn-based RPG based on the famous manga and anime series Fairy Tail.Published by Garena & authorized by Kodansha, the game full of classic FAIRY TAIL comic content is here to lớn recreate the strongest guild "FAIRY TAIL" !
“Authorized by Kodansha - Highly recreated classic scenes!” With the same class of voice actors from the animation series & highly recreated storylines, players will be able khổng lồ view the magical FAIRY TAIL storyline from a br& new angle. Select, kiến thiết và control original characters lớn travel the magical world và fight alongside the FAIRY TAIL strongest team!“FAIRY TAIL assistants - Fight together with the strongest team!” With the game-exclusive assistance system, players will step on their adventure with tje help from popular FAIRY TAIL characters including Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, & Wendy. Select and train your favorite wizard assistants to lớn khung your one và only strongest team!“Round-based dueling RPG - Your battle strategies will be tested!” The game adopted a round-based battle playstyle. With lineup configuration, magic beast selection, và skill order all heavily influencing the battle outcome, the wizard’s battle strategy will be put khổng lồ test! Together with bộ combo moves & special skills that FAIRY TAIL assistants will cast during battle, the enthusiastic battle scenes in the comic have just been ever improved.“Choose from 9 classes - Train to lớn be the strongest wizard!” The game inherited the basic wizard settings from FAIRY TAIL and extended it to lớn 9 classes: Requip, Force, Velocity, Soundwave sầu, Sleet, Guardian, Alphabet, Elixir, & Cure. Each class corresponds to lớn different magic types và further derives into lớn various exclusive sầu skill development systems. Players can freely distribute their stats & strive to be the strongest SS-Class wizard.“Create you own guild - Accept S-Class quests!” Each wizard can either create or join guilds.

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Let guild members be your most reliable backup during your adventure! Establish internal cohesion as firm as “FAIRY TAIL”, challenge S-Class quests and fight against the dark guild!"Free trade system - Be the greathử nghiệm magic businessman!” Players are not only wizards but also businessmen in the world of magic. Players will be able to purchase favorite items from the store while selling unneeded items lớn others. Want to lớn improve sầu your strength but just couldn’t get that one item? Cheông chồng out the trade market! With the miễn phí trade system, everyone can be the greathử nghiệm magic businessman!“Voice chat & various social systems - You will never feel lonely during your adventure!” Besides guilds, players will be able lớn chat with other wizards in the world channel & look for adventure partners. When stuchồng, players will be able khổng lồ ask for guidance from the mentor via the mentorship system. When alone, the marriage system allows you to find your soulmate and battle together. What’s more, the in-game voice chat gives players an opportunity lớn chat with other players in real time, creating one of the most “Heated” battle experiences!