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a game by DC Studgame ios, Inc.
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: PC, Playstation 2, GBA
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 nhận xét
User Rating: 7.9/10 - 40 votes
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I know me reviewing Winx Club might seem a bit strange, but this is a series that was a massive và I mean massive hit for Nickelodeon. The series still has a lot of fans to lớn this day, so many that a live-action movie is in the works. There have been more than a few video clip games based on the animated series released and today I am looking at the version that was released for PC in 2005. It is worth noting that this is pretty much the same as the PlayStation 2 game of the same name.

Just Like The Show

From what I can gather the storyline of the game is a loose retelling of the events from the first and second season of the show. Winx Club has you playing as a young girl called, Bloom. Bloom is not lượt thích other girls in that she is actually a fairy! She gets taken lớn a special school where she can fine-tune her skills và learn about who she really is.


The story of the game is pretty well done & I feel that those who lượt thích the show will enjoy this. I am not sure just taking the story directly from the show was the right gọi, but they seem pretty authentic to it.

Nice And Bright

For a licensed game from 2005, I vày feel that Winx Club on PC does capture the look and the feel of the show pretty well. It is not the most amazing looking game in the world or anything like that. However, the characters look like they are supposed to lớn and the whole world that you are playing in does have sầu a rather whimsical feel lớn it all. The soundtraông xã is very fitting with the game, but it is the voice acting that really impressed me.

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For a game that is 15 years old, this is very impressive và fans of the show will be very happy with the performances from the voice actors. There are also some animated scenes which I think are from the show thrown in as well. I am not sure what happened here, but they have sầu a kind of grainy washed-out feel khổng lồ them.

What About Gameplay?

In regards lớn the gameplay, Winx Club is a 3rd person adventure game. You will be going from area lớn area where you can talk lớn people. Solve sầu basic puzzles, learn new things and even get inlớn battles.


The combat is rather simplistic in that you can only have sầu two magic spells at a time, but this is a game that is geared more towards children. It does nothing amazingly well, but to lớn be fair this is a game that is made pretty darn well all things considered.

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I know that Winx Club for PC is not the kind of game that everyone will go running towards. However, I must admit that for a licensed game they did a pretty solid job here. The game plays well enough, it captures the look of the show very well, the voice acting is superb and there is enough variation lớn the gameplay khổng lồ keep you from getting bored. It is very easy, but that is lớn be expected.


The story is authentic lớn the showThe visuals hold up pretty wellLots of locations to lớn visit from the showThe voice acting is greatA few different styles of gameplay


The game is very, very easyI think they could have sầu used a few more magic spells