YearPlatformReleased inGenreThemePublisherDeveloper
United States, New Zealvà, Australia
Anime / Manga, Cards, Licensed Title, Trading / Collectible Card
Konangươi Digital Entertainment, Inc.

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Konamày Computer Entertainment nhật bản, Inc.

Description of Yu-Gi-Oh!: nguồn of Chaos - Kaiba the Revenge

In 2004, Konangươi Digital Entertainment, Inc. publishes Yu-Gi-Oh!: nguồn of Chaos - Kaicha the Revenge on Windows. This strategy game is now abandonware và is mix in an anime / manga, cards, licensed title and trading / collectible thẻ.

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It works :) Download English Version -- cliông chồng through weird install windows -- "ignore" the popup window -- Play and have fun

Why this game russian repack & i get error while installing two times?

It works well. You should download the english version, & in the installator then select english (before the game gets installed)

và you had to choose english language during thiết đặt, default was russian, và few weird symbols & tệp tin corrupted that you have to lớn ignore few times...but it worked on windows 10 x64 for me

for you folks who say that version is in russian, you just had to tải về the bottom download version with english flag, not the top russian flag

el instalador está en ruso, pero en uno de los pasos xuất xắc un menu desplegable que permite elegir el idioma inglés.

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pls can somone explain khổng lồ me how can i get the english versionthank you very much !

in the installer, after you clichồng the thư mục file. Change the selection box lớn english version. You"ll have sầu the english version even if the installer is on russian.

The game is in Russian, doesn"t work & my computer thinks it"s corrupted; but thank you for the tải về that took half an hour lớn complete & the disc I needed to lớn burn it too that will not work.

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Just downloaded the supposed english iso and its in russian. Otherwise the game works great.

the version of the game is in russian. can sometoàn thân help me with this?

DownloadISO Version
427 MBDownloadISO Version 427 MBDownloadISO Version European 694 MBManual 11 MBNocd 650 KB
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