With this tool, you can change the volume in any đoạn Clip. You don’t need to have any previous đoạn phim editing skills to work with it. Adjusting the volume can help you boost the sound if it is too quiet or decrease it if it is too loud. However, you will most often need this tool if your original Clip is at low volume or very loud. The phầm mềm can be used khổng lồ open all types of video files, including MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, 3GP, MKV, WMV, or M4V.

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How lớn make the video clip volume louder?

Upload your video

This can be done in three ways. The easiest way is to lớn drag và drop the file here. The upload will start automatically, và after analyzing the tệp tin, you will be able to lớn change the volume of the video clip. You can also use the mở cửa File button or open a file from your cloud storage (Google Drive sầu or DropBox). If the đoạn phim file is on another website, you can easily open it by pasting the URL.

Adjust the volume

After you upload the file, the slider will be mix to zero (mặc định volume). If you need khổng lồ increase the loudness, you can drag the slider to lớn the right. The percentage on the right side changes khổng lồ indicate the amount of sound amplification you are adding. Dragging the slider to lớn the left will decrease the volume. The percentage will turn negative sầu.

PĐánh Giá the result

After adjusting the volume khổng lồ the desired cấp độ, you can preview the result by clicking the Play button. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can adjust the volume again.

Set the video clip tệp tin format

Before saving the final result, you can choose the video file format. There are three options here - MP4, MKV, và MOV. If you are not sure, you can choose the Auto lớn option. If you vày not use this settings tool, the video clip will be exported in the mặc định format.

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Save the result

To export the tệp tin, you need to lớn cliông xã the "Save" button. The following window displays some helpful information about the tệp tin. Here you will also learn about the thư mục in which the result will be saved. If you think you need to adjust the volume again, you can clichồng the Baông xã button. To remix your work, cliông chồng on the Remix button. If the job is done, you can click the "Save" button, and the download will begin.

Please keep in mind that video sound unique matters.By making a noisy sound louder, you also get more noise. Our phầm mềm does not reduce audio artifacts or improve the quality of what you hear.

The main reason for changing Clip volume is when the audio is not loud enough. This may be necessary, for example, if you have a recording of a presentation and the speaker"s voice is too quiet. You can use different types of programs to make it louder.

There are professional đoạn phim editors that offer many other features, for example, from Adobe or Sony. However, if you need to make your đoạn phim sound louder or quieter, these programs are not the best choice. They have sầu an overloaded interface. To use them, you need lớn have previous video editing skills. Our tiện ích is considered the easiest in the industry. Using it, you can complete your tasks in seconds.