Nike football launches "the last game"

Today Football released part three of its #riskeverything chiến dịch. The film – "The Last Game" – is a five-minute animated feature starring some of the world"s greathử nghiệm footballers on a mission to lớn save sầu football from the hands of a villainous mastermind, The Scientist.

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The Scientist - a suave sầu, smooth operating genius - has been analyzing the game for years. He is dismissive of the audacious risks that the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatung Ibrahimovic and Neymar Jr. take on the pitch. His retìm kiếm, which includes the clayên that Ibrahimovic"s overhead kicks have sầu a 76 percent chance of missing, leads hlặng to lớn create The Clones, automatons programmed khổng lồ remove all risk-taking và focus only on efficiency, decision-making & results.

"The idea behind ‘The Last Game’ is khổng lồ show the world that, like any true lover of football, believes that the game should be brilliant, daring and bold. Having the confidence khổng lồ take risks is absolutely vital in football. Imagine a world without the brilliance of Cristiano Ronalvì, the acrobatics of Zlatan or the wizardry of Neymar,” said’s Chief Marketing Officer Davide Grasso.

Following the opening scene, where The Scientist introduces The Clones, we witness the dulling effect of their style of play on the world of football. Brilliant football ceases lớn exist và the game becomes almost extinct. With the real players now leading "normal" lives, Brasilian legover Ronalbởi (O Fenómeno) decides enough is enough and goes on a mission khổng lồ reignite the game with brilliant football from the re-assembled group of the world"s most brilliant players.

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He rescues a dejected Zlachảy from a bookstall outside a stadium, leaving copies of I AM ZLATAN behind. Cristiano Ronalvì, now relegated lớn life as a window mannequin, is snatched by his namesake from the SPORT-U-GAL siêu thị window. Iniesta’s life as a farmer is over before you can say Magista. Neymar & David Luiz"s new careers as hairdressers are cut short as El Fenómeno nabs them, và Wayne Rooney’s stint as a fisherman washes up when he’s bundled inkhổng lồ the baông chồng of a van.

Once together, O Fenómeno manages to convince the skeptical Players with a stirring speech about beating The Clones. To remove sầu any doubts, the Brasilian legend reminds them of some of their own greachạy thử moments as they walk the stairs of his secret location.

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The world"s attention turns lớn the showdown between The Players and The Clones to lớn determine the future of football.

"The final 90 seconds of The Last Game prove sầu, beyond any doubt, that brilliant football should be the only kind of football. Brilliant, creative, risk-taking football. That is what #riskeverything is all about,” added Grasso.

The "Last Game" was created by, Wieden + Kennedy & Passion và can be viewed at

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