How to create a hiren's bootcd usb disk

Hiren’s BootCD PE supports UEFI booting from DVD & USB flash drives. Khổng lồ format, re-partition your USB drive & to copy the ISO content into your USB drive properly, we have developed Hiren’s BootCD PE – ISO2USB portable tool. You need Administrator privileges to lớn run it. It is không lấy phí both for commercial & non-commercial use. Requires Windows 7 & later.

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If you desire to manually partition / format your USB Flash drive, please follow the steps of “How can I manually partition / format my USB Flash drive?“ section on our HOWTOs page. Next, you can uncheck “Format Selected USB Device” option & just keep “Copy ISO content to USB Device” option checked on ISO2USB.exe for just copying the ISO nội dung to your USB flash drive without formatting or partitioning it.

Please chú ý that; if you kiểm tra “Format Selected USB Device” option, all data and partitions on your USB flash drive will be lost. Before doing the steps below, don’t forget lớn backup the files on your USB flash drive:

Hiren"s BootCD PE - ISO2USB v1.1 (x86)

Download ISO2USB.exe to lớn your computer.

Choose Device & ISO

Only USB flash drives will be listed in the USB Device list. If you can’t see your USB flash drive in the list, firstly try formatting your USB flash drive with Windows Format tool (Goto My Computer -> Right Click USB Drive -> Click ‘Format’… -> Click ‘Restore device defaults’ -> Keep ‘Quick Format’ Checked -> Click ‘Start’) và then click the refresh button on the right side of USB Device list.

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If the ISO tệp tin is located in same folder with the exe, then it will be automatically selected. Otherwise you can drag và drop the ISO file over the application window or you can select the ISO file manually.


You can phối a label for your USB Drive up to 11 characters. The characters must be alphanumeric and uppercased.

The application will ask if you are sure to lớn continue. Click Yes if you are sure to format your USB Flash Drive, thua thảm the partitions và data in the drive. If you click Yes, the process will begin & then will be completed lượt thích below if there is no problem.