OS build : 9600.20069(over of service)Edition : Pro PotatoVersion : 6.3Arch : x64Lang : en-US

Read Before Installing this Potalớn Edition.Whats not working on this version Windows 8.1X Some lachạy thử driver / DCH driver / Some Lathử nghiệm Computer Hardware / Some Lachạy thử GamesX DirectX12X Ghost Toolbox - IS NOT SUPPORT! (command-lineterminal too old for this version 8.1)X Compact Size is not supportX UWPhường GAMES / UWP APPS(get version 2004/1909)X Xbox Game Pass (get version 2004/1909)X This Windows version cannot be updateX Lakiểm tra Microsoft Store is not supportedWhat is working on this version Windows 8.1- Steam games / Epicgames / Origin / Uplay / GOG / Etc etc- Photocửa hàng / Any Software / Etc etc /Some latest/old driver- DirectX 9 / 10 / 10.1/ DirectX11(max)Edition:WINDOWS 8.1 U3 - NO DEF| Version 6.3 / OSBuild 9600.19817 / Without Defender / With StartIsBaông xã NOTE: 1 Cores CPU / 1GB of ram is not recommend, but you still can try:Phường (1 cores atleast
2.8GHz~4GHz with 2GB of ram)
NOTE: Ifyou havea Good Computer Spec please just get Windows version 2004 / 1909, it"s not worth it khổng lồ install potakhổng lồ edition, but you still can try if you want :P

Single Links : MEDIAFIRE | NORMAL BOOTABLEFile Size : 2.61GBFormat : ISOMD5 : d966c9ad4b52bc8613bdfb41937d4881

My Youtube Channel.*if your internet bloông xã Mediafire pls Use Google DNS or CloudFlare DNS or any VPN.

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If you getting annoying pop up from Skydrive aka Onedrive sầu. (OneDrive sầu is no longer tư vấn on windows 8.1)1. you can delete SkyDrive sầu.exe from this thư mục “C:WindowsSystem32” or use this tools to lớn remove sầu tải về.

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2. or Disable Automatic Maintenance.NOTE: If you need using cloud drive sầu on Windows 8.1 please using RaiDrive.How lớn use Advanced Boot Options (WINRE)Method 1 - HOLD SHIFT on your keyboardclick start > Advanced Startup.

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Method 2 - Reboot your computer and Press Reset button on your computer "2 times" after Windows biểu tượng logo showing up.


Disable HPET (can using Ghost Toolbox lớn enable or disable for better Performance in Gaming)

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling (HAGS) FOR VERSION 2004


For Nvidia Users To Enable Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling (HAGS) on Windows 10 Version 2004 (Supported GeForce 1000~2000 Series or higher)

Official DriversWHquốc lộ - Officially released drivers Now HAGS are currently supported. | drivers only supported 45x.xx or Higher.)

For AMD Users Please Cheông xã on AMD Official website about this features -