At we are providing Windows XP Professional 64-Bit ISO Free Download full version with original SP1. The Windows XPhường. Pro ISO that we are providing is unofficial, untouched, and genuine with the lakiểm tra Service Pack. The Win XP.. Pro x64 SP1 is the lakiểm tra ISO image that includes all updates & security releases.

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There are very few online websites from where you can tải về Windows XP x64 ISO. Even Microsoft isn’t offering XPhường Pro ISO download in 2021. We have a genuine copy of XP Pro CD/DVD in ISO image that you can tải về và install on your PC without any problem.

After downloading the ISO tệp tin, create a bootable USB with Rufus to install fresh Windows on your PC.


Windows XPhường Professional 64-bit Product Key

VCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JMit is Installation Key, not for Windows Genuine Activation (WGA)

During Windows XPhường Pro installation you need to enter its original sản phẩm key lớn activate the XP premium function. We have only provided an installation key that will help you only install XP Pro, but it won’t activate it.

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Usually, you can find the hàng hóa key on the CD cover if you have it then good luchồng. If you lost XP.. CD & its sản phẩm key, then there are sites from where you can get a free XPhường. activation key.

The Windows XP. Pro download with a product key that we are providing will only help you install this OS on your PC. This isn’t a Product key that Activates the Genuine XPhường. SP1 64-bit edition. However, there are many unofficial sites from where you can download XPhường sản phẩm key, but there is a high risk involved.

Microsoft is also not selling Windows XPhường 64-Bit edition anymore, so you can’t buy WinXP key from an official source. However, you can try your luck on, here you can find users who have sầu original Windows XP CD with Product key in 2021.