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Falcon và the Winter Soldier: Who Is Joaquín Torres, Marvel's OTHER Falcon? Although Sam Wilson is famous for being the original Falcon, his successor Joaquín Torres has proven himself a worthy heir.

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, "New World Order," now streaming on Disney+.

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While Captain America"s titular old partners might be the most noteworthy Marvel heroes in The Falcon và the Winter Soldier, the opening episode of the MCU series has another Marvel anh hùng hiding in plain sight: Joaquín Torres. In the premiere, Danny Ramirez"s Lt. Torres serves a fairly realistic role as the ground tư vấn staff & chief recon officer for Sam Wilson. After he infiltrates the Flag-Smashers and tries to lớn stop a robbery, he even gets his clock cleaned in a way that"s all too human.

Although he may just be called Lt. Torres in the premiere, the kết thúc credits khổng lồ the episode reveal that his full name is Joaquín Torres, which hints at his potential superhero future. During the time that Sam Wilson shed his original identity lớn serve as Captain America in the comic book Marvel Universe, Joaquín Torres used a desire to protect and serve the community and actual bird-like abilities khổng lồ take khổng lồ the skies as a new Falcon.

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As a young child, Torres moved from Mexico to the United States with his mother và grandmother where they took up residence in Sonoita, Arizona. Alongside being a bright student, Torres also gave back to lớn the Mexican community through his work as a Samaritan in which he was cited to have taken an active approach by leaving provisions of food, water, and medicine for those attempting khổng lồ cross the border into the United States.

Torres was initially teased in 2015"s Captain America: Sam Wilson #1, by Nick Spencer & Daniel Acuña, when his grandmother, Mariana Torres, informed Captain America of his disappearance at the hands of the Sons of the Serpent, a terrorist group that abducted male border-crossers for participation in illegal genetic mutation experiments undertaken by criminal scientist, Dr. Karl Malus.

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Torres" first full appearance came later in Captain America: Sam Wilson #3 by Spencer, Acuña, and Mike Choi when, upon investigating the claim, Wilson found Torres at Malus"s thành phố new york lab where he had suffered experimentation using Redwing, Wilson"s avian partner. After defeating Malus, Wilson rescued the now half-human half-bird hybrid Torres and placed him under his care.

It was soon revealed that Torres"s mutations - which included enlarged eyes, talon-like hands & feet, và a set of wings - weren"t temporary lượt thích most others who had undergone such experiments. This was due to Redwing"s vampiric abilities which, having granted Torres regenerative healing, halted any attempted regression. Alongside healing wounds, it was also capable of bringing him back from the dead.

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An effective means of relaying messages, Torres"s psychic links with Redwing saw him save Wilson from falling to his death in Captain America: Sam Wilson #5 by Spencer và Paul Renaud, và later enabled a paralyzed Wilson to tóm tắt combat instructions with Torres while awaiting back-up in Captain America: Sam Wilson #6 by Spencer & Joe Bennett. It was also in the latter issue that Torres debuted as the new Falcon, following the defeat of Serpent Solutions, a reconfigured version of the classic snake-themed villain team, the Serpent Society.

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When Hydra took control of the country in 2017"s Secret Empire event, Torres joined a collective of superheroes và civilians seeking khổng lồ oppose their reign known as the Underground. Here, he worked alongside Wasp, Ironheart, and the Champions, a group of young heroes that banded together in response khổng lồ a shared disillusionment regarding their elders following Marvel"s second superhuman Civil War.

Additionally, Torres was a supporting character of Wilson"s Falcon in the 2017-2018 Falcon series by Rodney Barnes, Joshua Cassara, and Sebastian Cabrol. He was also featured frequently throughout 2019"s Champions series by Jim Zub và Steven Cummings.

Most recently, Torres appeared in 2020"s Outlawed #1 by Eve Ewing and Kim Jacinto in which he and several other young heroes - including Ms. Marvel, Ironheart, Nova (Sam Alexander), Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne), và MIles Morales" Spider-Man - were unwillingly sidelined after the passing of the Underage Superhuman Welfare Act which outlawed all heroes under the age of 21.

Even though Wilson has since returned to his role as the Falcon, the sky is the limit for Torres"s high-flying hero, especially given his presence in the MCU. With just a few dozen appearances under his belt, this Falcon has already asserted himself as one of the most promising heroes of Marvel"s next generation. Và now that he"s officially part of the MCU, his star will only rise in the coming months.

Directed by Kari Skogland, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier stars Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Wyatt Russell, Noah Mills, Carl Lumbly và Daniel Brühl. New episodes debut weekly on Disney+.

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