Fixed: word not responding on windows 10

Microsoft Word is probably the best-known word processing software on the market. In fact, many people use the term “Word” generically to refer lớn any word processing program. Despite years of development & widespread use, the Word application doesn’t always run smoothly. Often, Word freezes during startup or will not open a tệp tin. In many cases, the problem is not caused by Word itself, but by previously installed add-ins, macros, or antivirus software. Corrupted documents or templates can also prevent Word from responding when you launch it.

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This simple trick will often resolve sầu the issue:

Instead of openingWord by double-clicking a document, cliông chồng the application icon.Create a new document và save it. In most cases, you can then open Word as usual by double-clicking on a document after that.

Missing updates in the program are another comtháng source of the problem. Sometimes, Microsoft Word stops working or fails lớn open if the lakiểm tra updates have sầu not been installed and you’re using newer macros or Windows system components. Make sure that both Word & Windows are automatically updated on a regular basis.

Microsoft 365, formerly known as “Microsoft Office 365” is a server-based Office suite including Word, Excel, và PowerPoint for personal users & small businesses. With Microsoft 365, you always automatically have sầu the lademo version và never have sầu to lớn worry about updates.

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Here’s how to receive automatic updates:

In the Windows 10 settings phầm mềm, choose “Update and Security” & then “Windows Update” and click on “Advanced options” at the bottom of the screen.In the next window, turn on “Receive updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows”. This means that Windows Update will automatically search for updates for Word & other Office components & install them in the background along with Windows security updates.

You can start Word in Safe Mode, as you would if you were having difficulties starting Windows. Safe Mode bypasses add-ins, macros, customized toolbars, or templates that are loaded automatically at startup. There are two ways khổng lồ start Word in Safe Mode:

Hold down the Ctrl key while double-clicking the Word icon to open the application. Word then starts in Safe Mode.

Using a commvà to lớn start Word in Safe Mode.

COM add-ins can cause Word khổng lồ stop working

You can specify the mặc định printer in the Settings app under “Printers & scanners”.